What’s Going On Linkfest

Why I’m not voting for McCain (surprisingly, it’s not his environmental policies, which are amazingly forward-thinking for a Republican), and another article on feminism and the election.  I was going to comment on these, but… I think you can pretty much guess what I would say, and it’s nothing new or original, so I’ll just let the pieces speak for themselves.

Cute article entitled “Everything I Know About Women … I learned from my niece” – no, it’s not entirely accurate, but there are some gems of wisdom in there

Trying to get pregnant?  Good news if you were on the pill.

This CNN story on Islamic schools in Africa [link removed] tugged at my heart strings.

Are first borns more organized? DeClutter It discusses.

This website… I don’t even know where to begin. There’s too much. I’m overwhelmed.

Trying to give up caffeine and still feel awake in the morning?  7 Tips. Me, I thought briefly about trying it except that I wasn’t willing to deal with two weeks of headaches.  I’ll save that for when it’s necessary.

Clean Sweep Assessment, if you’re looking to simplify your life, or just feel… balanced in your space.  I’m not promoting all the ideas, but some were helpful.

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