Crafty Linkfest

Things to make:

  • Reusable Sandwich Wrap [link removed]
  • A purse like this or this [links removed]
  • Fruity Button Napkins [link removed] (from How About Orange)
  • A small photo album using an accordion fold kit [link removed]
  • Shrinky Dink Rings [link removed] (from PlanetJune), which we’ll be making next week at SNB – if you’re in need of the plastic, you can try the ReadyMade store [link removed] (though I bought mine at Michael’s)
  • Free Sewing Projects [link removed] (from


  • Bias Tape [link removed] (from Angry Chicken)
  • All the tutorials on Craftster [link removed]
  • Sewing even corners [link removed] (like on homemade napkins), from Crafty Daisies)
  • Easy Paint Makeovers [link removed] (from Real Simple)
  • Easy Window Transformations [link removed] (from Real Simple)

Fun home decor

  • Wall tree silhouette [link removed] (from ApartmentTherapy)
  • How to Photograph Your Garden [link removed] (from Lifehacker)

Fun fabric to use on any of the above:

  • Hippos [link removed]
  • Scandinavian Sketch of Flower Bouquets [link removed]
  • Scandinavian Sketch of Butterflies [link removed]
  • Cherries on White [link removed]
  • Cupcakes on Blue [link removed]
  • Garden Glory in pink or green [link removed]
  • Butterfly Stripes [link removed]
  • J’aime Paris [link removed]
  • Swedish Kitchen [link removed]
  • Parisian Cat [link removed]
  • Green Stripes [link removed]
  • Green Plaid [link removed]
  • Green Hawaiian Print [link removed]
  • Brown Carnations [link removed]
  • Daisies on Blue [link removed]
  • Ginger Blossom [link removed] line of fabrics
  • Coffee Break Trim [link removed]