Related-to-Food Linkfest

Some links I’ve saved up for you lately on things related to food….

Hungry Girl [link removed] – the author has been making the rounds lately on television and some blogs I read.

10 Commandments for Dropping 10 Pounds and 10 Years [link removed] (DumbLittleMan)

How to use Food Baths to Cool Food Safely [link removed] (ApartmentTherapy) – since it was unknown to me, I thought I’d share it with you and make the world a safer place.

What to Eat When to Sleep Better [link removed] (LifeHacker) – in order for me to utilize this information, I think I’d have to become a morning person, and wake up even earlier than I already do, which I find unacceptable.  But maybe in my old age when sleep is more elusive and I’m already waking up at 5 am (instead of the blissful 5:30 or 5:45 that I currently get to “sleep in” until on weekdays), perhaps I’ll give this a try.  At the moment, I think my goal needs to be to get to bed earlier so I get more sleep, because I’m getting way less than I used to and it makes me crabby and unhappy and potentially fat.

Small Step (.gov) [link removed] – Trying to eat healthier?  This government website is going to help you do that, one tiny step at a time.

and lastly,

Australian Rieseling [link removed] (ApartmentTherapy) – considering my love for Rieseling, maybe I should try to find this wine and give it a shot.  It can’t hurt to have more than one label that I like.