Again, the blogosphere is weird

A while back, I mentioned that someone I knew only through their blog (and who probably doesn’t even know me) had broken up with their significant other and how weird of an experience that was for me as a non-involved person in their lives.  Well, they recently got back together after much secrecy and are now engaged, and so now I’m quite happy for them, in a weird way.

And to further prove that I am still attempting to figure out how to navigate the blogosphere (whoever thought up that word should be shot), a few days ago I left a comment on someone else’s blog (something I rarely do but am trying to do more of because how else do you create relationships and I always wish that more people commented on my blog so maybe I should comment on theirs….  Anyways, I commented and was very long-winded and probably pretty b*tchy (not towards the person, per se, but about someone in their life that they care about deeply) and potentially offensive.  I didn’t mean to be, but apparently I was in a mood and not able to censor myself or step back and think about how what I was saying would sound to this person. In other words, I was talking to hear myself talk, not to be helpful.  This person has consequently taken down their post, which is a bummer since I was actually interested in what other people had to say (not in response to my comments, but in response to the original post, because I did actually find it an interesting subject, my comments notwithstanding), and they will probably never again come and read my blog or comment.

So, yeah, I screwed up.  Hopefully I won’t make that mistake again.  I have made some positive progress in recent months towards forging relationships with people via their blogs (I am theoretically making a veil for someone’s wedding because I offered it as a possibility for saving expenses), but this week I took a step backwards.

Well, I’d like to think that I learn from my mistakes. Hopefully next time I will try to remember what the other person is truly asking and wants to know/hear, and not just spout off my own opinions. After all, I don’t want to turn completely into my mother (and this is her most offensive trait to me, for while you always know where she stands on an issue without asking, it can occasionally be her downfall or hinder her relationships).