Another Exciting Weekend at our House

Friday night I was sitting on the couch, watching TV and feeling a bit lazy, but also feeling that I’d like to make cookies. I turned to and said, “I could really get on board with the idea of having a TV in the kitchen. I’d like to make cookies right now, but I want to watch TV, so I think I’ll just sit here and watch TV.” And not 24 hours later, this is what our kitchen looked like:

new kitchen tv
(There’s a Mac Mini in the cabinet that is the brains behind the operation.)

Apparently, I’d said the magic words (along the lines of “another TV,” not “cookies”) because had been wanting to try out having a second TV in the house (there’s some long convoluted explanation about computers and software that we use and DVR stuff but do you really care?) and I gave him an excuse. After it was all set up, I spent the rest of the weekend in the kitchen, reveling in the joy. I used to be embarrassed about my love of television (and movies), but I’ve learned to accept that it’s just part of who I am and nothing to be ashamed of. At least once I said to , “I’m could just spend all my time in the kitchen now,” which he was very excited about. The result?

pb slabs
Peanut Covered Peanut Butter Slabs
chocolate crack
Chocolate Crack
spicy chickpeas closeup
Spicy Oven Roasted Chickpeas

I baked Peanut Covered Peanut Butter Slabs (from Big Fat Cookies by Eleanor Klivas) on Sunday, as well as another batch of Chocolate Crack [link removed] (this time with cashews and pecans).  I also tried Spicy Oven Roasted Chickpeas [link removed], which were pretty good (more about that on the Flickr page).  Any ideas on what else I should make in my kitchen this week?  (Sidenote: my goal for this week is to return the spare bedroom to a decent-looking room, which includes getting all the stuff off the bed and making it look like a guest bedroom, and which probably means putting a bunch of stuff into storage.  It also means I have to hem the curtains, which I’m not looking forward to, because I didn’t do a very good job on the last set.)

hiaworth potted closeup
Also, I finally got the plant I’d bought on Etsy into a pot. Very cute, no?

And, the cats provided some photo-worthy moments.

matea shadowed
matea korben snuggling 5
The first-ever picture of Matea and Korben snuggling. It was bound to happen eventually – it took a little longer than I thought (Korben has been with us since the first weekend of October), but I’m quite pleased. Matea is too, as she is quite a snuggler. I’m glad she has someone (that’s not me) to be happy with.

We also did some less exciting things, like getting a few new lighting fixtures (though the bulk of what we wanted was saved for next week, since Southern Lights is having a tent sale and we want to capitalize on that), picking up our quasi-fixed vacuum cleaner, and spending a lot of time in the garage cleaning it and patching the walls.  This week we’re going to paint it and it will look so pretty!  We’re really plowing through our list of repairs.  There are still some big ones left, like getting new carpeting and a few new windows, but we won’t actually be doing that work (just shelling out the cash for it).

The summer semester starts this week, so I will be in class on Wednesday afternoons for the first half of the semester, and additionally Monday and Wednesday nights for the second half.  We’re looking into planning some camping trips, so this summer might be just as much of a whirlwind as last (though a bunch more fun, since my idea of a fun summer is not packing to move and planning a wedding – for reference, this time packing to move involves another person, which makes it better already, and I’m much more excited about the situation we’ll be moving to, even though we have no idea what it is yet).

I’m about 6 months behind on some personal emails, and one of the support staff is on vacation this week.  Unfortunately, our new support staff either hasn’t been told yet that she’s supposed to answer phones primarily, or she isn’t that good at it, because I’ve been the only one picking up today.  We’ve got a staff meeting this afternoon, and I’ve got a bunch of things to do, so I should probably get to it, huh?

3 Replies to “Another Exciting Weekend at our House”

  1. Wow…ask & ye shall receive! I’ve often thought of doing the same–getting a small tv in the kitchen…(I have a flat panel monitor that could be used nicely…)

    The goodies you made look really good. I’ve not baked in awhile…we’re trying to “be good” and not eat so many goodies. You asked what else should you make? Check out recipies online for Nanaimo bars (a Canadian favorite – my hubby is Canadian and loves ’em), and How about Chess Bars or Chess Pie (southern faves that I like)?

  2. AWESOME! I would love a TV in the kitchen but the hubs would like to get rid of the TV all together (oh the horror!).
    For your next batch of treats how about some biscotti? I haven’t made any in ages but always enjoyed it. For a savory treat maybe some wasabi peas.

  3. Thanks for the great suggestions, RetroGirl and Susan! I will definitely look into them…. (Sorry, busy day at work, no time to further comment.)

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