Pictures for you, pictures for me

An overview of the last few days, in no particular order… [Editor’s note: in an attempt to be less verbose, if you want to know more, click on the pictures to go to the Flickr pages where I’ve already made comments.]

Wednesday night, in addition to making meatballs, I also attempted to make chicken stock. It turned out well.


Now... what should I make with it?

I must praise Plaid’s website, makers of Mod Podge, for their excellent advice. I was worried because it wasn’t very detailed, but I thought it was worth a shot. Thursday after work I stopped and picked up some Hard Coat Mod Podge and followed their instructions and the candle holders I’m working on didn’t bubble up and wrinkle like before! Amazing, especially in that it took me 5 tries of continually worse attempts before I checked their website.


Here are the bad ones (before I tried their instructions):


Work in progress

No pictures yet of the good ones – I’ll hopefully finish them this weekend and then will have pictures to share. The only bummer about the Hard Coat Mod Podge is that it has to cure for 4 weeks. So either they sit around the house for 4 weeks curing, or I put them on Etsy and tell people I can’t ship for 4 weeks (or can, but they’ll have to keep curing at the purchaser’s house). Not sure which one is preferable at this point.


Korben expressed his love for tablecloths, by doing his "sexypose" on the dining table.


On Wednesday, two of my textbooks arrived in the mail! So fast!

Also, the samples I ordered from J Caroline Creative arrived.


I narrowed it down to these three - leave your opinion in the comments here or on Flickr.


Tuesday's crowning achievement summed up.

And lastly, an obligatory photo. His parents gave him a buzz cut on Monday and sent me some pics. He’s so cute!


Can't wait until he lives nearby (more so than now, at least)!

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