Creative Uses for Flickr

I think I may have come up with an entirely clever way to use Flickr that helps me be organized and crafty all at once! I mean, I know that Flickr has already (kind-of) helped me organize my yarn (well, mostly via Ravelry, but I used Flickr to do it, so it sort of counts). Now, it might help me organize my sewing.

What if… I photographed my fabric, and in the description section noted what type it is, how many yards I have, how wide it is, etc (basically, everything I know about it), and even what I’m thinking of making with it.

And then, what if… I photographed all of my patterns (fronts and backs), so I’d always have a catalog available to me, no matter where I was (assuming that I had internet access, so basically if was with me I’d be good, because he has an iPhone). [Editor’s Note: if Apple comes out with a 3G iPhone, which does not mean what I thought it did [link removed], but whatever, then says he’ll buy it and sell me his old one. I wasn’t really all on board with this iPhone thing, since I use my phone maybe once a week for phone calls, and already have an iPod that I love, and a Nintendo DS to play games on, but having the internet in my pocket is oh-so-tempting. We’ll see. Some people [links removed] seem to think that Apple will do this soon, but thinks not. I’m not holding my breath. It works just as well to have him with me when I need the internet.]

And then, I could be smart and tag all of them and be able to keep two open windows and browse between the two until I matched things up.

How cool would that be?

OK, you don’t have to be excited, but I am. If only there were a Ravelry-like site for sewing. Alas, there is not (and I don’t think I could keep up with that many craft-related sites, because as it is I barely stop in to Ravelry once a week these days, and Etsy is just way too time consuming, as in I spend way too much time browsing for things I’d like to buy). But this DIY version using Flickr might just be the answer. And then I can keep my fabric tucked away in a drawer where it won’t get faded from sunlight or covered in cat hair.

Come on, you know you wish you’d thought of it first.