The Randomness was Shocking

Saturday we ran some very weird errands, and by weird I mean that most of these things we probably don’t do more than once a year (at most!), and to end up doing them all at the same time was just weird. We picked up ‘s tire (that I’d injured while driving through Iowa last weekend – their roads sucked) and only had to pay $16 for the repair. Then we dropped off our vacuum to have it repaired (I don’t think I’ve ever had a vacuum cleaner taken to be repaired). Then it was off to Southern Lights to pick out some new lighting fixtures for the bathroom and kitchen (which means that for $200, we’ll have replaced all of the lights in the house, because had replaced most of them before, and there are only a few left, and this will be it). That wasn’t very easy, since we were essentially picking out new lights for the new (and as of yet unknown) owners of our house (very unknown, since it’s not on the market yet). I’d link to what we picked out, but they don’t have everything on their website, and I don’t have a list of the model numbers here with me. We also stopped at Super Target and Barnes and Noble. And then bought a chicken (for baking, not as a pet), and made a quick stop into Cub for the last of the chicken roasting needs.

Whew! This was all, of course, between coats of paint in the spare bedroom, which is now done. Yay! I do not have photos for you yet, but I will soon. (If you really need photos, also did some painting this weekend and has before/after pictures on her blog.) We’re hanging the curtains up tonight, which means I can move the furniture back and take pictures. It should look very nice. All in all, I’m quite pleased with the color, though for a while I wasn’t sure of it. It has a hideous name (Tea and Sweets, for goodness sake), but looks good in the room. It’s just a little bit pinky, but basically it’s a nice warm feeling (more so than the picture on the Ralph Lauren page shows) that is neutral yet still a color.

Oh, I also roasted the chicken on Saturday. Much to my surprise (though true to what everyone said), it was very easy.
Unfortunately, I only have “before” pictures, as we ate it too fast to take pictures.
Oh, and before making the chicken, I made some Irish Soda Bread. You know, because I can do everything. All at once.
No worries – it didn’t turn out very well. I will be looking for another recipe, because I like Irish Soda Bread and it’s really easy to make (since it’s a quickbread and requires no yeast, rising, or kneading).

Sunday I drove up to ‘s house to return her orbital sander and drop off my winter coats for storage (one day soon they’ll all live in our house). Then I went to SR Harris to try to find fabric to make new rollerblinds for the upstairs windows. That place is crazy, and next time I’m bringing someone with me to hold my hand, because it’s just a little nerve-wracking and overwhelming. Maybe would like to come.  Truthfully, I like shopping for fabric online better, since it’s easier to browse a large selection and everything is well-photographed.  I ended up getting the most boring fabric possible – plain white twill. I really wanted some black awning stripe for the loft and some khaki-colored twill for the two bedrooms, but in the end, that’s not what happened. There were about 20 different shades of khaki and I was pretty sure I would pick out the wrong one. And the black stripe that I found looked faded already, which was no good. So white it is. If all goes well, in our next house we can have fun rollerblinds (because there were a lot of prints that I would have loved to use, including some black and white floral prints, some nice colorful stripes, and a solid lime green that I thought would look awesome – and before you freak out, keep in mind that these are just the rollerblinds, not the curtains, and so a little bit of color and pattern is cute and not necessarily a bad thing). I also bought some cute fabric to make myself some skirts, and a really cute print to make a blanket for . Pictures later.

I spent, at most, half an hour studying for today’s final. I’ll never know the grade on it, and since I only need 50% to get an A, I decided not to care that much. I have perfect attendance and have been paying attention in class, so I should do pretty well. I just couldn’t force myself to re-read the one textbook we have, especially the concluding chapter where the author basically said, “sociology is everything I want it to be.” Bah.

Lastly, some random pictures for you from the weekend:

Growing Amaryllis