More Etsy Love

Some things I’ve seen on Etsy that I just had to buy (the images are from the item’s listing and not my own, except for the letterpress sets, because I either haven’t received them yet or haven’t had time to photograph them):

This cute little succulent said, "buy me! I want to come live with you!"
So did this cute frog planter.

Conveniently, they both arrived in the mail on the same day, and fit together perfectly. Once planted, they’re going to go live on the windowsill in our bedroom, since the original owner said the succulent likes lots of filtered sunlight. I thought it might come live at work, but it doesn’t seem to fit. One of these days I’ll find a bonsai tree for my desk.

I have to admit, one of the main reasons I bought this planter is that the title said "Oh SNAP, Frog Planter" which I thought was incredibly hilarious. Also fun that whatever is planted comes out of his mouth. I'm thinking herbs.
Another scarf. Sometimes I can't help myself.
Beautiful pendant. Artsy and expressive.
This is a mug I bought for A because I just couldn't resist it. Etsy is a haven for owl-lovers, and I see stuff on there all the time that she'd love. I just don't buy all of it, because we all own enough stuff anyways, right?
I bought this cute flannel fabric with no purpose in mind, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.
I love, love, love these earwires. I need to buy some more for making more jewelry, because I only got 5 sets and have probably 2 left. They're just the perfect shape that they don't fall out of my ears (like some other earwires) and don't need the little rubber backings. Plus, they look really nice and make some professional-looking jewelry (in my opinion).