The most romantic date night ever

OK, that might be a slight exaggeration. But, I have pictures, so you be the judge.

(View all pictures of the spare bedroom on Flickr [link removed].  In case you haven’t caught on, there are sometimes more or better comments on Flickr than here describing the photos.  You might want to check it out.  I like to put notes on the pictures themselves too.  *Shameless plug alert* I also like it when other people leave me comments on my pictures.)

Yes, we spent date night painting the spare bedroom.
I put a second coat on all the trim and Prince Charming was kind enough to pick up the roller and do all the walls.
It only took an hour this time (instead of the nearly 2 hours I spent on Wednesday on just edging), which was nice.

Still, between the time spent painting and all the time I’ve spent on my computer this week at work, my elbow feels a little tingly. No pain yet, and Advil seems to be keeping that at bay, but I’m paying attention for any changes that might signal something worse.

I put new batteries in my old camera and it seems to be working fine now, so no new camera for me at the moment. That’s fine – I don’t really need or want one. The one I have is only three or four years old and perfectly serviceable, and it’s pretty dinged up from all the use. If I had a new one, I’d want to keep it all pretty and safe, which would probably mean I wouldn’t carry it everywhere. Still, thinks we should take a look at the Elphs sometime.

I did take some other pictures last night….

I bought tulips on Monday after work just because I wanted to.
Actually, I bought cheese for me, strawberries for Prince Charming, and tulips for the house.
Aren’t I nice?
Update on the frostbitten plants
My analysis is on Flickr
Also, an update on the amaryllis, which is doing great and growing like a weed! I can’t wait until it blooms!
Lastly, an image of the gift I received from my boss for Administrative Professionals’ Day.
(Lest you think there are administrative unprofessionals, it is actually just a more politically correct way of saying Secretarys’ Day, though I suspect there are probably plenty of unprofessional administrative assistants, and probably some people I work with who think I act unprofessionally at times.)