Things You Can’t Itch

My eyes itch today.  Can’t really itch those, at least not well, and not without ruining my makeup.  I took my Zyrtec this morning, but forgot it yesterday, so I’m paying for that this morning.  Perhaps I have more than just skin allergies?  Perhaps instead of the dermatologist I should have scheduled an appointment with an allergist?  If she tells me that (in three weeks when I finally get my appointment) I should go to an allergist, hopefully it won’t take nearly as long to get an appointment.

Speaking of appointments, shouldn’t I have a dentist one coming up?

I got a headache yesterday at about 11am.  I took some Advil, because I had some body parts that also hurt.  It didn’t go away.  At about 2:30 I took some Excedrin.  Still, it persisted.  It didn’t blow up into anything big, but by 8pm I was draggin’.  I was glad that when I woke up this morning, I didn’t have a headache (often, when I go to bed with a headache I wake up with a worse one, which is a terrible way to start the day and why I try to not go to bed with a headache).  But now it’s 9:45 and I’ve had a headache for the last 15 minutes.  I might not take anything (not my usual course of action) – it didn’t work yesterday, why would it today?  Of course, the idea that I might have a headache all day long is slightly frustrating and exhausting.

Just thought I’d drop in and say that.  I’ve got another story coming up later, but I’m in the middle of some projects so it’ll have to wait.