They’re trying to kill us

This morning when I dressed for work, I thought it was a little risky wearing short sleeves, but it was a short-sleeved shirt with a tank top underneath and another layer of short-sleeved sweater on top of that, so with my long pants and socks (instead of nylons), I thought I might be OK.  Boy, was I wrong.  For a brief time between 8 and 8:30, the air was on, but before and since it has been absolutely stifling in here.  I feel like I’m having hot flashes.  It’s hot enough to make one feel ill.  I’m so glad I leave at 12:30.  Also so glad that there are only two classes left!

The wedding this weekend was nice, as was the drive to and from the Quad Cities (Illinois/Iowa border, for those not in the know).  Well, nice might be an overstatement, but definitely not as bad as driving through Wisconsin for the billionth time.

Tomorrow I can register for classes, so we’ll see what happens there.  I think, at the least, that I should have some time for crafting, once I get the spare bedroom painted.  I’m hesitant to start a project knowing that that’s what I really should be working on.  Tonight I’m going to prime the edges, gosh darn it (I know I’ve said that before, but time keeps slipping away).  There are no more excuses, since the only homework left is to study for the final, and I’m not too worried about that (unless he gives us reason to during class today).  I just need it done so I can move on with my life and not have it hanging over me.  Of course, there’s about a billion other projects that are also hanging over me, like the furniture I keep saying I’m in the middle of painting.  Right.  I may have decided to only prime them before moving.  At first I was just going to paint them white and wait to decorate and get handles and stuff until after the move.  But if the priming looks good enough, I may just stop at that until the move.  (Plus, over the weekend we reviewed the list of things that we need to get done on the house and it’s longer than I thought it was, which seems a bit overwhelming to think about, so I’m not going to.)

Oh my gosh, I have to leave and go get something icy to drink, because it’s ridiculous how hot it is in here.  There’s a dress code, or else I’d threaten to take off some layers (well, the dress code and my modesty stop me from doing that).