Possibly losing mind; replacements on backorder

I stopped at CVS after SNB on Tuesday to get a bunch of personal care products (I was out of everything, including two types of soap, oil cream for my hair, face soap and lotion, and regular lotion). While I was there, I picked up some more Hyland’s Restful Legs, which is a godsend in my life. It’s completely homeopathic and OTC, but it works for me and that’s all that matters. If you suffer from mild restless legs (I don’t usually kick in the middle of the night enough to wake myself up, like some people, and mine don’t actually prevent me from falling asleep, so I think that’s considered mild by most standards), you might want to give it a try. I haven’t seen it anywhere but CVS (not at Walgreens, though Hyland’s website claims it’s there), but there’s a store locater on the Hyland website if you’re interested.

I am very glad that I bought some, because it means that five minutes ago I could take some when I needed to (because I again have a backup bottle in my purse, in addition to the one that is kept on the nightstand). I think that may be the worst, when I get restless legs at work or otherwise in the middle of the day. At night, before bed, it’s annoying, but I know that things are going to get better because I’m going to fall asleep soon. But in the middle of the day (especially now, since it’s before noon, and I know that there are a lot more waking hours left) it can make me lose my mind.

So I’m sitting here waiting to feel relieved, waiting to no longer want to rip my legs off and beat them against something hard, until I no longer feel like my legs alone could go run a marathon (because the rest of me is quite tired and has no desire for that), and my body returns to feeling “normal.”

Speaking of normal, that is one word that cannot be used to describe my physical condition these days…. The Zyrtec seems to completely alleviate the itchy feelings I get from soaps, lotions, and laundry detergent (good news – I found a new supposedly non-irritating detergent to try, but we have to wait until we run out of what we have first – I don’t want to be too optimistic, but there are lots of customer testimonials about how safe this stuff is for very sensitive skin and how people use it to wash their cloth baby diapers and so forth, so I am hopeful). The weird red marks I had at my waist have completely gone away (you wouldn’t ever know I had them if I hadn’t told you, since they seem to have left no marks), and the random peeling of all my skin below my belly-button stopped. I just checked on the two weird red marks (one on the inside of my left arm, one on my right thigh), and they’re very faint, don’t itch, and it seems as though the one on my arm is peeling and may go away soon. Have no idea what those were.

BUT, I have a new symptom to add to the ever-increasing weirdness of my skin. It’s hot. Really. To the touch, my skin (mostly my legs, but sometimes my arms and back and butt) is hot. Kind of like if I had a sunburn. I feel that it’s hot (both by touch and via internal sensors). I know that it’s hot, but I also know that I am not hot and that I do not have a fever. It’s very weird. But seriously, my skin is hot enough that can hardly touche me, and cuddling is practically out of the question. The bed is hot where I lay, and I have to move around at night to cool it off. I was a little afraid that one day I’d wake up and the entire bed would be in flames, solely from the heat of my skin. I’m too young to be a widow.

My skin is also a bit pinker than usual, and I noticed in class on Monday after I spoke up (and consequently blushed, which you think I wouldn’t do 12 weeks into the semester, but apparently I do), that I blushed down past my elbows almost to my wrists. That’s new. I mean, if I’m quite embarrassed, I’ll often turn a lovely shade of bright red down my neck and sometimes my shoulders and upper arms. But almost to my wrists? At least thinks its cute, because I sure don’t (and am embarrassed by my blushing, which causes me to blush more – it’s a vicious cycle).

Another photo post coming up shortly. Apparently the “publish on” function doesn’t really work the way I thought it did – it’s still manual, oddly, though that seems wrong – which is why the photo post yesterday didn’t show up until this morning when I saw that it wasn’t out yet. I’m off to go look into that and see if I did something wrong.