Not Quite a Soliloquy on My Love for Etsy

There can be no doubt that I love Etsy. Perhaps too much. My spending for the month revolves around coffee, food, and crafting supplies, and recently those have skyrocketed (I blame the new sewing machine that I haven’t used). One of the things I love about Etsy is that the sellers are, generally, crafty people and like to put nice touches on the their products. For instance, when I came home yesterday there were two packages waiting for me. When I opened one of them, this is what I found:

How cute is that? My purchase, all wrapped up in tissue paper with a little lace tie.

My arrivals yesterday (from both packages together) included:


The brown has a suede-like feel and the floral pattern is embroidered on. It should make a nice skirt (or a vest, were I a stylish cowgirl, but I am not) and maybe some pillows. The green is super-cute, and as noted would make a nice skirt, but inside it is mostly scraps (which I knew upon purchasing), so more likely it will be used for some table linens, because it matches our dishes. The gray on top was purchased with the idea of making a pillow, but I might change my mind. It’s very gray (and not so much black and white), and may make a cute shirt instead.

I’ve been trolling the pattern websites lately and have come up with many options, most of which I will not purchase or do anything with. I like to collect the ideas, however, and have the inspiration there at my fingertips if I need it. I never really enjoyed the process of going to the fabric store with MOM to sort through the pattern books, and now that they all have their stuff online, I don’t have to do that anymore. Very nice.

And, for those of you who were wondering, I figured out what I was doing wrong with my future publishing function, and have fixed it. It wasn’t exactly intuitive, but whatever. WordPress made a lot of changes with the last update and I still haven’t adjusted to many of them, so this is just another one. I don’t usually do future posts, so it’s not really a big deal (though I should have done the last linkfest as many smaller posts, spread out over several days – don’t worry, I won’t do that to you again – and if it wouldn’t take too long to fix, I’d just do that now, but what’s done is done). I don’t know anyone in person who uses WordPress, but if, like me, you couldn’t figure out future publishing, leave a comment and I’ll fill you in on what I just learned.