Recent craftiness

This weekend I pulled some stuff out of the craft bin (formerly the yarn bin, but that's all in storage now)

and decided to work on the coasters I'd meant to make back in October.



Here's what I ended up with (further comments, descriptions, and how I did it are on the Flickr pages, so please go there if you're interested).

I also attempted to make some jewelry to match the new dress I got (that I can't show you a picture of because it doesn't exist online, but it's bright Kelly green, white, and black, and I just don't own anything in those colors!).

Instead, this is what I ended up with.



Don’t you just love them? I have one more pair of butterflies (slightly different – they’re filled in instead of filigree), and I might just make a pair up to put on Etsy.

My previous attempt at earring making,

while also successful, was much less interesting.

I talked more about both pairs on the Flickr pages, so again, if you’re interested, check them out.

Also over the weekend, and I think I mentioned this before,

we bought some potting soil for my amaryllis and some rosemary and dill.

And then, in a move only I could pull off (characteristic of my black thumb), I think I’ve managed to kill the dill already. In its first night, actually. See, I accidentally left them outside on Sunday night and it got cold, and I checked them on Monday when I got home from work and the rosemary seemed fine, but the dill, which is much more fragile, was droopy. Only time will tell, and I have no way of knowing if the freeze killed the amaryllis or not, at least until several weeks pass and it either sprouts or doesn’t.