Would this worry you?

I was getting my pills ready for the week (if the above was all I took, I wouldn’t bother with it, but since I also take a multivitamin and my trusty Wellbutrin, which up until recently was a 2x day thing, having a weekly pill container really helps), out popped this one from my 28-day pack.

Hmm. That's not the right shape. It should be round. Lucky for me, it's the last one to take before the placebo week, so I doubt that I'll be getting knocked up from that missing shard of estrogen. However, if in nine months I pop out a kid, we'll all know I was so very, very wrong about that assumption.

Given the rash of “I’m pregnant” dreams (OK, so it was just me and this weekend, but it sure seemed like a lot), perhaps I should lend greater value to the missing part, but I’m not gonna. I take my pills daily at 9 am. Every. Single. Day. Sometimes I slip and it’s 9:05 or even 9:15, but that’s not really enough to say I’m irregular at it. Given my weird hormones anyways, were I to get knocked up while on the pill (or even while not on the pill but without extraordinary medical intervention), I’d call it an act of God and figure that God decided I was ready to have kids (and if anyone knows me better than me, I’ll trust God).

Anyways, thought y’all would find that amusing.