Random Pics from Last Weekend

As promised, I have several photo-blogging posts that will be spread out over the course of the week.  Hope you enjoy!  This is one installment.

Ste Chapelle, Soft Chenin Blanc
Opening some wine on Sunday night…
Ste Chapelle, Soft Chenin Blanc
Ste Chapelle, Soft Chenin Blanc
Lest I be considered a snob, let it be known that Mike’s is just as good, if not better, than wine.

Saturday morning I made some bad coffee. Oh well. It looked cute.

I was reading through Real Simple Meals Made Easy that I borrowed from the library, and paused to check on the pitas I was baking.

Korben decided to sit down on the book,
which just makes it look like he thinks we should never make green beans.
(If you wanted an update, the pitas did not puff, though they tasted yummy, and the hummus I made was… disappointing.  Oh well.  I’ll keep trying.)
While cleaning out the pantry, I found this inside a plastic grocery bag that had a glass casserole pan of mine in it. I have no idea whose handwriting it is, or when it was that I made something and brought it somewhere (but gladly pocketed the $10 and bought some coffee). Any ideas?

This one is just for , who thinks is the cutest cat ever.

Well, he is, when he’s being quiet (which is not often, but he’s always quiet in photos).