As expected

In a move uncharacteristic of me, last night I chose to sit on the couch and watch TV instead of doing hours of homework. While we were at the gym (to which I brought the book that was to be finished for today’s class), I realized that not only was I not going to finish reading it without a lot more time put in, but I also had 2 essays to read and a paper that’s due next weekend. [Editor’s note: upon further contemplation of the syllabus, it seems there was only 1 reading for this week, and I read it in 10 minutes during class.] And then I decided that I didn’t care. What was it going to cost me? A few points towards my participation grade for not posting questions online on the readings. That’s all. I’ll have to be less talkative in class – big sacrifice. [Editor’s note: apparently not doing the reading didn’t prevent me from speaking my mind in class and I still sounded mostly intelligent, and no one else was doing much talking anyways.] The rest of my grades are relatively perfect. All, that is, except the last paper, which is being returned today. That particular paper I turned in without an introduction or conclusion. I wasn’t sure if the professor would see that or not. It wasn’t my best work, but that seems not to matter that much in school (this time around, at least – it’s more how you do comparatively to the other students and the professor’s expectation than your own personal best). So I figured it was a B paper and I’d probably get an A.

Well, I did. 30/30. Again. So yeah, not doing my homework was an acceptable choice. I’ll still have to do the reading – it’ll be on the test in 2 weeks. It’s about time to start studying for the final anyways, which means re-reading everything, so I’m not that far behind, or perhaps I’m even ahead. It may not happen this week – there’s a paper due next Monday and we’re going out of town next weekend, so it needs to be done by Thursday night. Then I can use the time on the road to study for the test, and the free time at home to paint.

Several photo-blogging posts ahead. I’ll try to space out the publishing of them so y’all have reading all week long.

I can register for classes in 8 days. We’ll see how that goes. I suppose I shouldn’t let “we’re putting our house on the market in June” be a hindrance to taking as many as I can get into, since it could take months to sell…