Reality Check

“What will I be doing this weekend?” is an excellent question. I think I’ve come to the conclusion (especially after finding out there was some “flooding” at our sliding glass door overnight) that I should prime the spare bedroom this weekend. I don’t really want to, but if I don’t, it’ll never get painted, which means we’ll never get new carpeting or windows, and never sell the house. And then we’d be stuck paying $85/month for a storage unit that holds things we still want to keep but have no home for. That’d be sad. (Sidenote: I realize that I don’t actually have to have the room painted in order for us to do the windows, but we’re waiting for May to do the windows because we’ve already dropped a bunch of money recently, so let’s just pretend for the sake of being productive and motivated that the room needs to get painted, pronto.)

My homework these days consists almost entirely of reading. We’re currently reading The Gospel of Judas, which I don’t recommend. It is taking me for-ever to get through, and I am a fast reader. There are also two other articles I have to read this weekend. Oh, and a paper that’s due in a week or so. I should really get on that, but… well, I have no motivation. How’s this for motivation? We won’t be home next weekend, due to an out-of-town wedding, so when else will I be writing this paper? Maybe I’ll work on it between coats of drying paint.

Yes, I know that ages ago (like, Tuesday or something) I promised to post pictures of our new pantry. And yes, I know I still haven’t done that. I haven’t even uploaded them to Flickr. You know what? That’s just what kind of a week it’s been. The last two days I was in such a rush as I was leaving the house that I forgot to grab my Zyrtec (so I started itching last night – no good), let alone the memory card for the camera (or taking that one last money shot of the completed project). This morning, I remembered the Zyrtec, so I’m feeling pretty good about that. Photos will be uploaded tonight ( wants them up, and I’d like to send some smaller versions to and , so that should be motivation). Maybe I’ll get around to writing a post about it this weekend or Monday.

Things have been an odd sort of busy here at work. There’s the sensation of being behind and having too much to do, but when I look around, I realize that most of the work I have is actually waiting on other people. So… I’m busy, but not actually occupied. But then sometimes, I am occupied. It’s very confusing. Yesterday afternoon I had to completely re-work a database I wrote a few years ago, because I wrote it very, very wrong, and I was now paying for that mistake. Oh well. At least there were only 200 rows of data in each table, and I only had to re-work a few of the columns in every single table and query and form. The reports were fine, mostly because they were dependent on every thing else that got fixed. It’s all good now, after a rather hectic morning of trying to figure out an issue with a subreport. is pleased, and knows that while it seems simple, I put many hours into fixing it which she doesn’t understand how I did and is just glad she doesn’t have to do it.

There’s a huge sheet cake sitting outside my office, leftover from a goodbye party for one of my co-workers yesterday. I avoided the party (had some social anxiety moments yesterday afternoon that I neglected to blog about because it stressed me out even further to keep thinking about) and now I’m trying to avoid the cake. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had cake?

Since SNB was canceled this week (due to ‘s stomach flu and her generosity in not wanting to give it to us), I didn’t go to the co-op on Tuesday, so I don’t have bread flour in the house yet. I’d like to make pitas (new recipe!) this weekend, and hummus (which I almost made the other night until I realized it’d be so much better with homemade pitas)…. Perhaps I need to venture forth and buy some this weekend.

I have lost 2 pounds, which is not terribly monumental since I neglected to mention here that before that I had gained about 4. Yeah, I’m making excellent progress on that goal. On the bright side, I’m wearing some cute shoes and have already gotten 4 compliments on them!