Where to even begin?

Let’s start the linkfest with what I’ve been thinking about most: food.

  • Caffeine is good for you, according to the BBC.
  • Hummus recipes
  • To go with your hummus, another pita bread recipe
  • And to go with all that Middle Eastern food, some cucumber sauce.
  • Following the chickpea theme, a recipe for roasted chickpeas that I’d like to try this weekend
  • Chocolate Chunk Peanut Cookies, because I think would like them
  • Rosemary Roasted Potatoes – I am craving rosemary lately, and we don’t have any in the house, and I’m not even sure I can get some at our local Cub. Perhaps it’s time to try to grow a rosemary shrub?
  • Some Savory Muffins I think would like
  • The Pasta Shape ID Quiz – let me know how you do in the comments! I got 13/24, and I dare you to get a better score – it’s really hard!
  • A sandwich that I might enjoy more than would, lover of sammiches that he is. I bet he leaves a comment about how it’s not really a sammich. That is, when he gets around to reading this blog again (not so much a reader as he used to be… something about my complaining about work all the time turned him off).
  • Here’s another sandwich that I might want [link removed].
  • What was that you said about bacon? Insert inappropriate joke here involving the words “supportive” and “your mom.” (Not necessarly a SFW link there, btw.)
  • Need something slightly healthier? How about an asparagus salad? More information at Apartment Therapy’s Spotlight on Asparagus.
  • Last asparagus recipe for the day, this time with lox.
  • Healthier Hot Wings from Apartment Therapy.
  • From Reader’s Digest, 10 ways to control your cravings, in case, like me, you wish you were less-squishy. (Though says he likes me squishier, because it’s nicer than cuddling with bony and pointy, but I prefer the less squishy version of me, you know, the one that fits comfortably in my pants.)
  • Perhaps this recipe for Lime Sorbet could help with your diet. Sorbet should be fairly healthy, right? I mean, it’s not cream-based.
  • I might be able to convince myself that these Crispy Brown Rice squares are healthy. They’re at least healthier than regular rice krispy treats, right? Right? Alicia Silverstone wouldn’t lead me astray. She’s a friggin’ vegan!
  • Maybe you’re weird like me and have started photographing everything around your house. If so, you might find this article on photographing food helpful.
  • Not helpful for the diet? Horton Hearts a Who cookies. I may have blogged about these before, but am way too lazy (and drowning in links) to find out right now.
  • These Chocolate Squares cannot be made in my kitchen until I’ve lost at least a few pounds, I’m sure.
  • Lastly, some things for your kitchen:
    • Cutest Salt and Pepper Shakers, especially for new parents or parents-to-be. I bet my cousin would love these! I may have to buy some to include with the baby blanket that I may or may not ever finish. In contrast, these salt and pepper shakers scare me. Seriously, that’s just wrong.
    • If you don’t have a restaurant-quality soy sauce dispenser like we do, you might appreciate this one instead[link removed], which coincidentally matches our dishes[link removed]. Not that I don’t like the one we have, but this one is definitely cuter.
    • Feeling like it’s time for a summer picnic yet? Get started with the anticipation now, with these Watermelon Bowls[link removed]. More for a picnic – mini grill[link removed]!
    • Maybe the thought of going to the grocery store and coming home with plastic bags that will eventually end up in a landfill makes you sad. If that’s the case, you’ll love this tote bag, which has a very clever (and funny) name.
    • A very cool trivet that even the guys might like (because it’s stainless steel, so they might be able to overlook the fact that it’s a flower.
    • Thinking about salads lately (in an effort to eat healthier, which hasn’t really happened yet) makes me want a salad spinner, and wish that we had room for one (why is it they take up so much space? It doesn’t seem fair.)
    • And sometimes I just want cute and pretty things that are only vaguely kitchen-related. These heart-shaped bowls fit that bill.
    • If you’re a tea drinker, you’ll either find this mug extremely helpful or crazy useless, depending on your perspective.
    • Some very cute wine bottle holders, if we had counter-top space. To go with it, some beautiful colored stem wine glasses (not that we need more, mind you). There are other shapes of those glasses, some more appropriate for these Bar Mixes from Crate and Barrel.
    • These skewers make me feel like grilling – handy that they’re (slightly) more environmentally friendly than disposable ones.
    • On the environmentally-friendly front, recycled place mats that are super-cute. Apartment Therapy tuned me in to them.
    • Maybe you just want some bacon that’s closer to 2-dimensional than 3. A Pig Bacon Press for you, then.
    • Lastly, two clever mugs for you. One on global warming, and one on the bill of rights.

A regular linkfest theme: Bamboo products (I can’t help it, I keep running into bamboo-related things online and feel like I should share them with the world!):

I’ve been feeling crafty, and here’s some things I’ve liked recently:

(I did mention I had 137 links to share, right? Are you still with me?)

Getting a new mattress got me interested in new sheets, even though we don’t need them. What if the “old” sheets (less than 6 months old) didn’t fit the new mattress? I mean, it is friggin’ tall!

  • Black and white has been on my mind ever since I ditched that idea for the nightstand and dressers. Plus, the spare bedroom will be tastefully redecorated in black and white with hints of linen (neutral sells, right?).
  • Of course, we all now my feelings about brown….
  • Also bedroom-related

Elsewhere in home decor

Only 34 left! You can stick with me that long, right?



Office Supplies, briefly

And lastly, for the child within

Well, the rest you’re saved from, either until another day or maybe forever (a few were deemed unworthy, lest you think I have no powers of discernment).

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  • Liz

    Kelly, I think I do not have sufficient time to check out all of the links however, the bacon bra: gross. It’s so gross it’s not really even funny.
    Also, I got 15 correct on the pasta thing. I think our next challenge should be the periodic table.
    Have fun,