The Numbers

I just checked.  I have 137 pages bookmarked in my “Today’s Blogging” folder, so it appears I am overdue for a linkfest post.  One should be coming later today.

Also, I have 237 projects in my Ravelry cue.  Suffice it to say, I will never get to all of them, especially if 95% of my yarn is now in storage.  That’s OK.  Many of those linked are versions of the same item, and I haven’t yet decided which one I’d like to make.  Many are “wishful thinking,” and a few I’ll never be able to make simply because I won’t be able to find the pattern anywhere.

Just thought you should know.

Some more numbers?

  • 48* outside right now
  • 2 days since I’ve been to the gym
  • 350 copies of a “Who’s Who” book I have to print today
  • 4 reservations at a conference, including sleeping rooms, that I need to make today
  • 1 sip of Starbucks so far (it’s too hot!)
  • 5 minutes ahead is how fast our bedroom clock is set (I don’t know if ERIC did this on purpose or accidentally)
  • 45 minutes is the approximate amount of nap time I think I need in order to be fully functioning today
  • $26,505 for the Ford Escape Hybrid, which gets 34mpg highway (compared to $20,700 for the Honda CR-V which gets 27mpg highway – Honda doesn’t have a hybrid SUV) – there are 2 other SUVs that get this same mpg according to [link removed]