Uh uh uh nuh nuh (translation: “wah!”)

I swear I was making progress on the weird things that have been plaguing my body lately. I mean, the peeling skin is now… less prevalent. The ugly red stretch-mark-like things are gone and apparently left no permanent marks (though I still have no idea what they were, why they came, or why they went away). I have stopped itching constantly, thanks to Zyrtec. I’m exhausted, but I actually slept all the way through the night last night (for the last time in the old bed – yay!).

But now I have some serious back pain. I mean, worse than it’s-that-time-of-the-month back pain. Not as sharp as I’ve-been-sitting-at-my-computer-too-long-typing-and-using-the-mouse shoulder pain that I get, but this is lower back pain, which is generally duller anyways (unless one goes and actually injures a very specific part of one’s body or something – I’m a dull lower back pain kinda gal, at least). I took Advil. It hasn’t made any difference yet. I don’t want to sit here at my desk. I don’t want to get up and walk around. I don’t want to lay down on the floor. I just want the pain to stop stop stop.

Any suggestions? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I started (again – last time I did this was January 2007, for about 3 days) recording my daily food intake over at The Daily Plate [link removed]. It was obvious why I have gained weight and not lost any – I take in more calories than I expend. Duh. It’s not really brain surgery or quantum physics. However, I am not exactly sure what to do to decrease the calories I take in. I mean, by the time dinner rolled around, I was starving. I made myself a large salad with less dressing than I would have preferred, and ate as much as I could while the pizza was cooking. The pizza was the most satisfying thing I ate all day yesterday, and it wasn’t even all that bad for me (370 calories). Am I destined to be hungry for the next… 3-6 months while I attempt to lose the weight I feel is excess?

came up with an excellent solution: take up smoking. However, I decided that I liked my pink relatively-virgin lungs (do 10 cigarettes over 10 years really count, one might ask) and that picking up such a disgusting habit didn’t work for me. I suggested an eating disorder, preferably bulemia, since that would mean that I got to eat still. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of throwing up (haven’t done it since I was 7), and I think that would get in the way of things. So it looks like I’m left with food poisoning, stomach flu, some devastating virus or disease, or diet and exercise. Oh, or a tapeworm. Seeing as how I’m (despite previously mentioned weird medical things going on with my skin) relatively healthy, live in a country with fairly strict food guidelines, and don’t think I can actually seek out the stomach flu, I think diet and exercise is the not-fun-but-really-the-only-option way to go.


Oh, I suppose I could also try some sort of magic pill, but those usually don’t work and/or have bad results. I have no need for that in my life. I’m trying to be healthier, not kill myself.

Yucky tasks at work today that I don’t want to do (and have been avoiding all week, but now they’re inevitable, deadlines are looming, and things must get done).

I tried running the treadmill at the gym last night instead of doing the stationary bike, under the false impression that it would burn more calories (I was led to believe this by and the internet verified it, with no malicious intent). In doing so, I remembered that I am actually no good at running and easily get injured. My right foot started acting up halfway into my run, and my left heel developed a blister. I stopped 10 minutes early, and only burned 15 calories more than doing the bike. Of course, the bike aggravates my knees, but probably not as much as doing the treadmill would in the long run (it’s much lower impact, no?). Yes, the elliptical would be better, but it generally kicks my butt every time I try it, and I feel weak and inadequate and out of shape, which is no fun to feel after a workout. It’s generally discouraging instead of encouraging. So back to the bike I go.

And now, perhaps off to Starbucks, maybe to get my drink without whip, though that is truly the part I enjoy the most (who doesn’t enjoy good, fresh whipped cream that melts on your tongue?). Food is making me sad today.

So is my back, which still hurts. OK, it’s only been 20 minutes since I took Advil. I shouldn’t expect miracles. But I wish my heating pad were at work. The good thing is that our new mattress is being delivered between 12 and 3 today, and currently is taking to the airport.