Continuation of earlier whine

My back pain of earlier today has not yet gone away.  I am afraid it may be my kidneys that hurt and not my back (how exactly would one know the difference?  I am not that in tune with my kidneys to know how they feel on a regular basis).  I am attempting to rectify this situation by drinking Cran-Aid, which will not help.

Also, I have restless legs.  Again.  During the day, at work, which is nearly unbearable.  I have had them a lot the last few weeks.  I get them primarily when I am overtired (hopefully, the new mattress will fix this problem) or have been inactive (not a problem of late, due to gym membership and insurance requiring 12 visits a month to get a discount).

So I’m sitting here in my cube, trying to find a comfortable position to sit in (slouch?  extremely good posture?  something in the middle?  doesn’t matter – I just hurt), drinking tea that is not helping, and wanting to rip my legs off so they can run around the office without me for a while to burn off all the extra energy they seem to have.

In other words, I think I could cry.

It’s only 2:14.  I want to go home, and I want to go home now.  Of course, the earliest bus leaves at 3:30, and I usually ride the 4:30 one, and is it really worth it to take 1 hour of sick time?  I’m not sure.  Will I feel any better at home?  Probably not, unless I decide to go to bed for the day, which is unlikely.

In other news, the one task I’ve been avoiding doing all week – still haven’t done it yet today.

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  1. Excellent question – I’m totally good on that front. I thought about that too.

    I better news, the pain finally went away at some point last night. It hasn’t come back yet today, so I am hopeful that it was just a “weird pain” that ran its course.

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