And we were doing so good

I found this Reader’s Digest article on Creating a Sleep Haven [link removed] while on Digg today and decided to skim it.  We were doing great.  First – buy a new mattress.  Check.  Second – have great sheets.  Check (the olive set, at least, which are the clean ones that are going on the new mattress today).  And then it kind of went downhill from there.  I’m not taking a bath before bed.  Lavendar doesn’t work for me.  Sometimes I wear socks to bed, but usually have to rip them off in the middle of the night because my feet are too hot.  Yes, the room is cooler than the rest of the house and we have drapes, but the clock with the lighted display and the night light are not going away (the large bruises that would appear on my legs after removing the night light are less desirable than sleep, apparently).

But maybe this article has some useful suggestions for you.  Who knows?