Post of the cheating kind (but wouldn’t you rather look at pictures than read?)

Sunday we went to ‘s house for Easter dinner. and were there, and of course . also invited a friend of mine from college, who happens to be the intern at her church right now.

is walking now, and discovered the piano. So and I had fun playing with him.

Such a happy boy!

It’s much easier to catch him smiling for the camera now (though not exactly evidenced by the next two pictures).

The only bib Mom had around was one of my old ones, so Grant got to be “Kelly” during dinner.
Happily waiting for dinner
The cookies, at home on Friday night after baking them all, before icing.
And the finished product on Sunday,
along with some rainbow sprinkle enhanced Rice Krispy treats.

We tried to make egg-shaped ones [link removed], but it failed miserably. I wished I had a third hand so I could have photographed what it looked like when we dug our bare hands into the pot and started trying to shape them into eggs. Apparently I missed the part of the instructions where it told us to butter or moisten our hands. I don’t think that would have helped, considering how sticky it was. Oh well. They were still tasty.

Korben is having a hard time figuring out what to do with the new curtains. He’s kind of afraid of them, but kind of curious.

has it all figured out, and thinks that they make a great place to hide (and distract herself from hunger).

Over the weekend I finally decided to put the last of the winter decorations away (except that while cleaning last night I saw the Snowman cookie jar I forgot to include), which involved getting a big box to put it all in. What happens when an empty box is introduced to a cat household? Why, a cat has to sit in it, of course.

Just for you, (after you’re done catching up on homework), all the photos are tagged, so you can easily view them all….

Lastly… we have put the cats on a diet. They are both porkers. snores, loudly, while napping on our laps. This is a bad thing. Unfortunately, it means that they are both miserable, hungry, loud, and whiny. They run out of food quickly after being fed and then are annoying for the next 8-10 hours. Conveniently, much of those 8-10 hours we are either at work or sleeping, but it is still a lot of time to spend with these two at the moment. Sometimes, however, it is evident that, if there isn’t any food to be eaten, there isn’t much left to do in the house:

Korben spends more time sleeping. He also spends more time picking on / play fighting with Matea,which sometimes she goes along with and sometimes not. I think he’s just trying to distract himself.
Matea has taken to following me lots of places.
These shots were taken when I went to go floss my teeth last week. She apparently has found a new napping spot, on top of our clean bath towels.
I think she looks like she’s threatening to jump (if you know what I mean) in this one (“I’m gonna do it! It’s just not worth living without food!”).

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