Home Improvement in Small Pieces

We met up with ‘s mom on Sunday before Easter dinner and she gave us our Christmas present – curtains! It’s what we’d asked for, and we’d communicated back and forth about what we wanted, colors we liked, etc. She delivered above and beyond, that’s for sure. We absolutely love them! I don’t think the photos do justice to the gorgeous color or the buttery texture of the fabric – you may just have to see that in person. But for now, pictures!

This post was started several weeks ago when hardware and curtains for the upstairs windows was purchased, so if it gets confusing, that’s why.


I got the window hardware at Target:

For the main floor, the Fieldcrest Square Drapery Set in Pewter.
I didn’t get the tiebacks, but they show the style of the set much better.

And here are the beautiful curtains she made for us:

Living Room
Another view of the Living Room
Patio door
Another view of the patio door
Close-up of the grommets
Close-up of the hardware
Another close-up of the grommets

For the upstairs bedrooms and loft

Room Essentials Ball Window Hardware Collection in Nickel.

There were some others I liked (like these Cage [link removed] ones), but they weren’t right in some way. What I ended up buying was totally safe and neutral and someone else should like them very much (as in, future owners of our house).

The curtains themselves are from Ikea:

For the loft, Merete
For the spare bedroom, Hedda Blad
Hedda Blad
The spare bedroom (without curtains)
For the master bedroom, Ritva
Master bedroom
Another view of the master bedroom
Yet another view of the master bedroom

There will be tons of fabric left over from hemming the curtains, since Ikea makes them all super-long to accommodate most situations, and so some pillows will be made to help bring the look together visually.

Next is recovering / recreating the roller blinds. It should be a fun and relatively easy project. I just have to find the right fabric.

I wanted to use this (Stockholm Blad),

but it was a little too pricey to buy just to cut up (imagine it rotated 90* – wouldn’t it make a nice roller blind in the master bedroom? there’s already a jungle theme in there). There are plenty of instructions out there, including in some sewing-for-the-home books I have (circa mid-1980s, so the pictures are awesome).

Another picture post coming up shortly….