Clearly the Calendar has made an Error

This was my commute to the Transit Center this morning.
I’m not sure you can tell from the photos, but it was hugely snowing this morning.

Snowflakes the size of my fist. Torrential downpours of them, blowing all about my car, as if the universe was trying to say, “stay home from work and take a nap.” Alas, I didn’t listen, made it to the Transit Center, got on my bus, and am now here at work.

Yes, yesterday was the first day of Spring (also my Grandma’s 80th birthday!). Yesterday was gorgeous outside, sunny and a bit brisk, but that’s not bad. Soggy, as would be expected when tons of snow melt all across the land. And yet overnight, Mother Nature decided we were not yet ready for Spring, or perhaps that we hadn’t fully appreciated her efforts (don’t blame me – I was marveling in the sound of birds chirping over the weekend, and enjoyed the good weather by starting some furniture refinishing), or something, because overnight we were blanketed in snow that wasn’t finished falling in time for the morning commute.

When I got home yesterday, I anxiously looked at the mailbox to see if the “you have a package” key might be there. Alas, it was not. I had this idea that my sewing machine would have arrived. Why, I’m not sure, because they told me 5-10 days, which I assumed were business days, which means today through next Friday would be the expected delivery date. And yet, I was convinced it would be there to brighten up my day. I was wrong. And then just after 6, there was a knock on the door, and I went over to see the UPS guy speeding away, and there on my doorstep was a large box from Singer. Yay!

I read through the manual, and… I have no idea how to use it. But that’s OK. I have to find some fabric to play with and some thread and all that stuff is at ‘s in storage, because I figured when I moved that if I wasn’t going to have a sewing machine, why would I need all that stuff? So this weekend I will very selectively find some things to take home with me, since Sunday we will be at ‘s having ham balls.

That’s right, I said ham balls. It’s ‘s in-laws family recipe, and actually not all that bad. I’m not a huge fan of ham (it’s lowest on my list of all meats), but I decided it would be OK and that there would be plenty of other foods to eat. Sweet potatoes and salads and veggies and the like. Plus, we’re bringing desert, so no one will starve.

This also means I get to see this weekend, which is long-overdue. I hear he’s walking all over the place. Tons of fun, I’m sure.

I took a ton of photos last night of our kitchen, planning to do the Kitchn Cure, as part of an effort to get the house sale-ready. But then Flickr Uploader pushed up the photos of the nightstand and the cats, and none of the ones of the kitchen, so I’ll have to leave my running commentary for another day. They wanted “before” shots, and while our kitchen was clean and able to be cooked in, it was definitely in good condition for a “before.” I’d already done some things that I consider Cure work, so we’re a step ahead in that regard. This week’s task is to get rid of all extraneous food – things you’ll never eat, things that have expired, etc. I feel like we’re pretty good in that regard. The fridge is usually in decent shape, though we should go through the condiments on the door (doesn’t that always need to be done, though?), and about half of the cabinets with food in them have been recently sorted. Therein lies our advantage of having recently combined our stuff – it wasn’t so long ago that we were reorganizing spices and finding places for that extra box of whatever.

The coming weeks will be more difficult, when it comes time to look into the cabinets that hold appliances and cookbooks, for instance, and what in the world are we going to do with the top of the cabinets? I don’t even know (or care that much), except that it will all need to come down in order to sell the place, which means finding countertop space or storage space or pantry space or something. Perhaps we will get those shelves put in the closet underneath the stairs we’ve been talking about.

Oh, yeah, I didn’t actually consult the husband before deciding to do this. Hmm. Perhaps that was a mistake on my part. Really, though, it’s just spring cleaning on steroids. Can’t argue with that, right?

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