More Pictures That Make Me Think


Pottery Barn has these candles, which I think I could easily enough do on my own, given the time. All the craft stores sell the basics of candle-making (wax, wicks, etc), and I’m quite sure you can buy terra cotta pots in minature in bulk. Not that I need any more projects to attempt….
PB also has these doors. Remind you of anything? If you’ve ever been to visit me (not at my current home), you’ve probably seen my shutters. I love them. They’re currently in hiding in our spare bedroom, because there’s no place for them in our house. I always planned on finding a third part or some shutters or something… but never got around to it, or never found anything right. These doors, of course, aren’t right, because they’re the wrong shade of wood (mine are nearly grey), and honestly probably in too good of condition, but they made me think of my shutters.

Williams-Sonoma has this 3-Tier Oven Rack [link removed]. It scares me. I don’t think I could handle preparing that much food, all at once, without something going horribly wrong. Multi-tasking in the kitchen is not a skill of mine.


Williams-Sonoma is also selling this strainer right now. It is the spitting image of the one my parents used for years. Design hasn’t changed in at least 30 years. My parents always grew tomatoes in the garden, and then at the end of the season made their own tomato sauce. Some years it was better than others, and it was always a lot of work, but I remember it very specifically as part of my childhood. I’m not sure I could do it myself, my distaste for tomatoes and all, but its possible. Of course, we also had a large chest freezer that sat in our garage where they could keep all the tomato sauce.