Falling Prey to Consumerism

A girl’s gotta entertain herself somehow, right? Actually, I was online today looking to see if I could spend my Pottery Barn gift card (left over from wedding gifts), and ended up with this assortment of things. Most of them wouldn’t be here if I could manage to get Crate and Barrel to talk to the wists site, but since I can’t get that to work, I’ll have to blog about them instead.

Spring things
  • The Vinca series at Crate and Barrel
    • Shower curtain [link removed]
    • Brin Vase [link removed]
    • Bedding [link removed]
  • Sonnet Placemats at Crate and Barrel [link removed]
  • Dew coordinating serving dishes at Crate and Barrel [link removed]
  • Butterflies
    • Napkins [link removed] at Pottery Barn
    • Planters [link removed] (lest anyone think I have completely given over my free will to Apartment Therapy, yes, they did mention these yesterday [link removed], but I didn’t check the site until after seeing them this morning on Pottery Barn’s website, so I fell in love with them all on my own)
  • Potted Succulent Candles at Crate and Barrel [link removed]. These would be easy enough to do if you could find the candle parts somewhere, which I think I’ve seen. Mini terra cotta pots are uber-cheap and you can get them by the dozens! However, C&B makes it super-easy to just buy their version instead.
  • Clearly, stores know exactly how to get to me at this time of the year – green, leafy, bright colors… I want Spring!
Kitchen things
  • Water Fill Ice Cream Scoop at Crate and Barrel [link removed] – fill the handle with warm water and make ice cream scooping so much easier!
  • Star Pop molds at Crate and Barrel [link removed] – almost feels like July, right?
  • Hot Chocolate mugs from Crate and Barrel [link removed] – porcelain, but they look like the paper cups! How cute!
  • Cirque Cafe Table at Crate and Barrel [link removed] – no idea where I’d put this, but I like it.
  • Natalie Champagne Flutes at Crate and Barrel [link removed] – only $2.50 each! I’ve been looking (half-heartedly) for some champagne flutes since got some champagne as a gift. Unfortunately, most of the stuff out there is either sets of 6 (which we have no use for), or if it’s a set of 2, they assume that it’s for a wedding and therefore want to charge an arm and a leg. This very basic, plain design (which is exactly what I’d want) is sold per piece. Genius.
Random decorating things
  • Sloan Ladder shelving [link removed] at Crate and Barrel. I’ve been in love with ladder shelving since it came out a few years back.
  • Sausalito Tablecloth at Crate and Barrel. Gorgeous colors. [link removed]
  • Door mat at Crate and Barrel [link removed]
  • Amelia indoor/outdoor curtain at Crate and Barrel [link removed] – I like the print for a roller-blind, like the one I’d mentioned earlier from Ikea.

Also, Apartment Therapy continues to bring to my mind the idea of decorating with bamboo [link removed], so I am seriously considering it an option… Is this trend here to stay, or just really hot right now?