Future Craftiness Forecasted

New sewing machine

I… just bought a sewing machine! It’s a refurbished one from Singer, which is what did when she was looking for one. It’s just a basic model, but will make hemming curtains and making pillows so much easier! I was talking to last night and mentioned that I should get one sometime, and he said, “Just do it.” So… I did. This morning, actually.

We got our federal tax refund deposited at our bank today – very exciting. That means when I get home tonight I get to sort through a bunch of papers looking for my contact information for the Very Bad No Good Credit Card Company That I Hate and write them a check and then I will never have to talk to them again.

Also, I found a new website for house-hunting. I’d been using Coldwell Banker-Burnett’s [link removed], mainly because they’re a pretty popular name in these parts. But their website has always given me problems. I don’t know if it’s me or that I’m using Firefox or what, but I usually give up before getting very far. Someone in our subdivision just sold their townhouse through Edina Realty [link removed] though, so I decided to pop onto their website, and, lo and behold, it was much easier to use. I wasn’t a fan of their map utility, primarily because it gave me a long rectangular map that didn’t exactly focus where I wanted it to, but all in all it was pretty good. Also, I realized exactly how much house you can get for your money these days. Answer: a lot. There were lots of houses where the pictures were taken in early fall, late fall, Christmas-time, and many where the house was empty of furniture. I also decided that it was a good idea to look at lots of listings just for the purpose of figuring out how to best stage our house. There were many pictures I looked at and instantly thought, too much clutter, or too many personal items, or too country, or whatever. Neutral, neutral, neutral. I will try to keep that thought in mind tonight as I go to buy some rugs for the kitchen.

Lastly, we removed the plastic from the sliding glass door last night, and it is so nice to have it gone! I mean, they make that product very nice so that you can still see out the window and everything, and we did a good job so that there were very few wrinkles and it looked pretty good, but nothing beats a clean and clear sliding glass door. Now if only our new curtains were here…. I’m being patient, can you tell?

After the lastly… I weighed myself this morning, and as it turns out, the 6.5 miles on the bike 4-ish days a week and eating slightly healthier in slightly smaller quantities is working a bit. I’ve lost about 1.5 or 2 pounds. That’s progress. Of course, I don’t care about the actual number, which means I should really get a tape measure out and measure my waist, since that’s the number that’s important to me. I have a feeling it hasn’t changed much (though I don’t have an original measurement to compare to, so today will have to do as a starting point). You know weekends aren’t nearly as fun when it’s the only time you get to wear jeans but they don’t fit so comfy. Boo.

I think it’s time for a break. I’ve been very productive so far this morning.