Last week I bought myself some new shoes. I was looking for some peep-toe pumps, as the style really attracted me. Also, I needed some slightly dressier shoes to go with my brown pants (because as much as I love my Clarks, they are not the epitome of dressiness). So after work on Wednesday, I wandered into Famous Footwear. Not a store I normally shop in, but just about the only Eagan option for shoe shopping. And I was starving and unwilling to go out after dinner, so it had to be done in Eagan, and quickly.

I fell in love with these by Life Stride
I also bought these, by Mudd, because as cute as the Life Stride ones were, I wasn't sure they would actually match all of the things I would want to wear with my brown pants.

I wore them last Thursday and killed my feet. I am not used to wearing heels. There were many Band-Aids involved. And then I couldn’t wear the Life Stride ones on Friday because I wanted to be kind to my feet. I’m finally wearing them today, and they’re pretty comfortable. I knew they’d be more comfortable than the Mudd ones, but we’ll see how long it takes today until my feet hurt. I brought backup shoes today.

Also, since it seems not many people are aware, it is possible to buy glue-on nails for your toes. Yes, toes.

The first time I did it, I thought it was… unnatural. It felt wrong and a little icky. But I stuck with it, and bought a second set, which I am now wearing. Why would one go to such lengths for toes? Well, in the above-mentioned shoes, toes are visible, and mine were, well, less than pretty. I’ve never found my feet particularly cute anyways, seeing much too much of a resemblance to the feet of the men in my family. Also, I was tired of my yellowed nails from layers upon layers of dark-colored nail polish, and wanted my nails to look pretty for a while. With this second application, I am trying something new. I only put them on my first two toes. You know, the visible ones. Obviously this wouldn’t work in the summer during sandal season, but it works pretty well right now. I highly recommend it.Of course, I also recommend glue-on nails for everyday use. It takes some getting used to, but they’re really quite handy and easy to use. First-time wearers should go with ultra-short length ones, as they will interfere with your life least.

I was wearing these last week, and every woman gave me huge compliments.

People seem unwilling to believe that they were glued-on at home, so you can totally impress people and let them think you can afford to go get a fancy-schmancy manicure if you want. Right now I just have a basic French manicure set on, and they’re a little too long, but I was able to get the flat ones, since most of my fingers have very little arch to them.Lastly, the purse that I’d been lusting after for… two months…

finally arrived in the mail on Friday.

I was so afraid that it wasn’t going to be as cute in person. No fear, it looks exactly like the picture, and I love it.