The sacrifices we make

I brought an apple to work today. I wanted to bring Nutella with me, but I can’t find any in our house. I could swear we had some, but… no. So I went to the little grocery store downtown, hoping against hope to find some, knowing I would probably end up settling for peanut butter. And I was right, they didn’t have Nutella. It took an entire circling of the aisles before I found the peanut butter, back near the entrance where I started. But I didn’t buy just any peanut butter.

Reduced Fat Cream Jif

It’s so sad. I haven’t tasted it yet, but I grew up with all sorts of peanut butter, and I’m quite sure never bought brand name. From the co-op, yes. Generic, yes. So the Reduced Fat Jif probably won’t be that bad. It won’t be anything like Hell’s kitchen Peanut Butter, but I’ll live. Nutella would be better, but it’s something.

Also, it’s Daffodil Days right now, and I needed some of that cheeriness. The weather the last few days has been spectacularly warm, and since Sunday was Daylight Savings, it’s now light out well past dinner, which is also enjoyable. Yesterday was just gorgeous. (Tonight I may finally remove the plastic from the sliding glass door that tore a big hole in many weeks ago, causing it to lose its effectiveness.) Today, however, is grey. Some would say rainy, though I haven’t seen any rain. It wouldn’t surprise me, though. The bummer about Daffodil Days is that while you get a bunch of 10 daffodils for $8, they are pre-bloom stage, meaning that they essentially look like stalks of asparagus. Not cheerful just yet. I’ve cut the ends and they’re sitting in water, and I’m hoping that in a few days they’ll bloom.

Daffodil buds