Because they’re lost somewhere and I can’t deal with that

My large collection of cookie cutters is missing, and I have no idea where. Hopefully somewhere in storage at ‘s. If they’re lost forever, I will be quite distraught, but we won’t find that out until we sell our house, buy a new one, move, and get all unpacked.

So in the meantime, if I want to make cut-out cookies, I’m rather limited. I have the Christmas-y gingerbread 3D ones, and an assortment that ‘s mom left in the house. All in all, fairly disappointing. I have bought a few others since then, including this Martha Stewart Set:


I also have a ballerina and a dragonfly or something like that. I don’t remember.

But I really want to make these tulip pops [link removed] (scroll down the page a bit). And though some crazy people out there on the internet will suggest cutting out your own shapes by hand with a knife, that is not the way for me to go. If you’re not familiar with my artwork, you’ll have to take my word for it. I have an eye, but not the hand.

So today I broke down and bought this.
Later, when looking for the pictures to post here, I saw that I should have bought this one instead.

Oh well. What I bought will work too.

I also bought this.

I hope to make lime-flavored sugar cookies [link removed] (or this recipe [link removed]) for them.

And this.

I have no specific plans for that one, but there are quite a few birthdays in the May – August season, so I think I could find the time. (Need cookie cutters? Here’s my source [link removed].)

Clearly, at this rate, even if I go to the gym every day and bike 6 miles and do sit-ups at home, I will never fit into my pants comfortably again. Should I just give up and buy elastic-waisted pants?

Lastly, if you’re feeling creative, check out Martha Stewart’s website [link removed]. Under the Crafts section, she has a craft of the day. Archived. Lots of fun ideas.