TCFIL: Action 257

What one thing do you wear the most?

Something on my feet.  Usually socks, but occasionally slippers, and when outside of the home, some sort of shoes.  There’s this thing in Minnesota where you take your shoes off immediately upon entering a home (it wasn’t like that back in Illinois), which is fine and good – actually keeps the floors cleaner, especially in winter.  But, the thing is, most of the places I’ve lived have had hardwood floors (or tile), whereas I grew up with carpeting.  Hard floors emphasize the fact that there is stuff on the ground and it’s probably going to stick to your foot far sooner than staying stuck to the floor (or lost in the carpet fibers).  I hate the feeling of stuff stuck on the bottom of my feet, whether it’s just some dirt or cat hair or little granules of kitty litter (because you know those things make their way all over the house, despite how often you clean).  So, socks it is.  Also, my feet are almost always cold.  That comes from being a woman, whereby my body has this natural desire to keep my unborn (and unfertilized) children protected at all costs, regardless of how cold my extremities get.  Must protect children.  It’s quite annoying.

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