Some Day my Pants will Fit

This will probably be one of many short little posts today – I’ve got a back log of things to say from when my site was down. Of course, I’m also pretty busy at work today, so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have today to say any of them.


At any rate… I have a new favorite drink at Starbucks, and there are some excellent things about this change. The primary thing is that I love my new drink with the [now] standard 2% milk, whereas my White Chocolate Mocha was only good with whole milk. Here’s how it gets played out (the only change is in milk type and drink kind – size is the same, as is the inclusion of whipped cream on top):

Honey Latte White Chocolate Mocha
Calories 330 500
Fat Calories 120 200
Total Fat 13 (g) 22
Saturated Fat 8 (g) 14
Trans Fat 0 (g) 0.5
Cholesterol 50 (mg) 55
Sodium 140 (mg) 240
Total Carbs 40 (g) 62
Fiber 0 (g) 0
Sugars 38 (g) 59
Protein 12 (g) 15
Vitamin A 20% 10%
Vitamin C 0% 0%
Calcium 40% 50%
Iron 0% 0%
Caffeine 150 (mg) 150

So I don’t win out on the caffeine part (the only way to reduce that is to get a smaller drink, or stop drinking coffee, duh), and there’s slightly less calcium in 2% than in whole milk, it appears, and slightly less protein as well. That’s not that bad.

Oh, you wanted to know what the new drink was? How silly of me. It’s the Honey Latte. It’s honey and espresso with steamed milk, topped with whipped cream, more honey, and “golden spice.” I haven’t yet figured out what the “golden spice” is – it’s not quite cinnamon or nutmeg, but very close. Probably a blend of those and something else. Cloves? I can’t think of other “sweet” spices (you know, ones that don’t belong in marinara sauce).

I’m idealistically hoping that the calories I’m saving will help my pants fit better.  I also started back at the gym, albeit slowly.  It’s hard – there’s always so much to do, and limited amounts of time.  More reports on how I’ve spent my time lately should show up later today.  Or tomorrow, if I decide pictures are necessary to express myself.