If I were going on a shopping spree, had the need for any of these items (because really, what would I do with a John Lennon Action Figure?), and had unlimited storage space, here’s how I might spend my money….

For the home office:

Pencil sharpeners from Modcloth

Staple-less Stapler from Modcloth

Crap folder from Knock Knock

Magazine holder from Lillian Vernon

and all the bling your mouse could ever need from Lillian Vernon.

For the walls:

Pjatteryd from Ikea

Pjatteryd from Ikea

Mirrored Wall Plaques from Lillian Vernon

Bild from Ikea

Barnwood Images from Modish

and Wallter from 2Modern.

For the kitchen:

Mixing Bowls from Three Potato Four

Toaster Plate from Three Potato Four

Apple Basket from Lillian Vernon (doesn't it just make you want to go out and buy apples?)

Country Kitchen Pitcher

and Utensil Jar from Lillian Vernon

and Shark Knife Sharpener from ModCloth.

For the joy of eating:

Ribbon Coffee Set from 2Modern

Alice in Wonderland Tea Set

and Pinocchio Cafe Mug from Three Potato Four

Charmor Mug from Ikea

Striped Sugar and Creamer Set from Three Potato Four

Leaves Tray from Three Potato Four

Shinzi Katoh Mug from Three Potato Four

Pumpkin Pie Bakeware from Lillian Vernon

Egg Pants (!!!) from ModCloth

Sleeping Panda Salt and Pepper Shakers from ModCloth

and Giraffe Snack Box from ModCloth.

For dining:

Murge Designs Placemats

and notNeutral Placemats from 2Modern.

For sleeping:

Inhabit Sheets from 2Modern

and Dreams of Paris Pillowcases from ModCloth.

For wearing:

Star Bright shirt from ModCloth

Hibernate shirt from ModCloth

Tweed mini from ModCloth

Tulip Toes earrings from Modish

Blue Bird Tote from Three Potato Four

and I Heart Recycling Tee from ModCloth.

For sitting:

Maku Bench

and Maku Sofa from 2Modern.

For little ones:

Monkey from Enfant Terrible

2Modern, Crib Bedding from 2Modern

Boo Blanket from 2Modern

Sesame Street Wall Canvases from What On Earth

and Giraffe Wall Art from ModCloth.

[Note: No, I wasn’t shopping for me, and no, I’m not pregnant, and no, I’m not planning on needing to decorate a nursery room any time soon. Can’t I just enjoy the cuteness?]

For practicality:

Tetris Wall Shelves from 2Modern

Battery-operated lighting for drawers from Ikea

Ceiling Spotlight from Ikea

and Outdoor Grill Cover from Lillian Vernon.

For fun:

History Ruler from ModCloth (if you don't think that's fun, well, then, I really can't help you)

Robot Pouch from Modish

Chocolate Scrabble from Mary and Matt

John Lennon Action Figure from What On Earth

Every Book Its Reader from What On Earth

Globe from Enfant Terrible (I think I could figure out how to knit this, don't you?)

and Tassa Natt light from Ikea.

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  • Liz

    Want to go shopping for my kitchen? Here’s some of the things I need:
    Drawer Liner – I’m thinking Ikea
    Drawer Dividers and Organizers – again, thinking Ikea
    Scrub brushes – I want something good this time because my last one was a piece of crap and I had it the whole time I lived in Minnesota
    Dish soap dispenser – something to match the kitchen, again not the softsoap bottle please
    Cutting boards – I have one plastic one for chicken and fish. I need more. Remember, I like them big.

    That’s all I can think of for now. I’m sure I’ll come up with more stuff as I actually move back into the kitchen.

  • I will try to think about that and see if I run into anything, but nothing is coming to mind right away. Also, something is wrong with my comment notification because I’m not being told when people comment, so I’m a bit late in responding. Boo.