I am regretting taking this knitting class now.  If I hadn’t signed up, I could take off an hour early tonight, and be on my way to the bus right now, with the promise of bed not too far off.  But, since it’s only a 3-week class and I will probably have to miss half or all of next week’s class, I have to go.  I have been getting steadily sicker all day.  I came down from my Alka-Seltzer high, and when I took my next dosage I only took half, but now I just feel like crap.  And my legs are jumpy.

I’m bringing the black lacy stole I knit to the “clinic” tonight that meets before class.  There’s a spot that has come undone, and I need help fixing it, and that’s what they’re there for.  I also brought my fingerless gloves that bow out instead of clinging to my hands, hoping that the instructor of my class will be able to help me come up with a solution.  And I picked out a pattern to knit for which I can purchase supplies at the Yarnery and use my 10% off coupon.  So, you see, I have to go.

If I don’t go crazy (from the jumpy legs) or fall asleep first.  It’s a toss-up.