You know, it’s quite difficult to work my way through my archives and update the broken links, fix the photo pages, etc, when my blog spends about half of its life with an “error connecting to database” message.  I know it’s annoying for you.  Imagine how I feel.  I am unfortunately much further from the end of the archives fixing than I’d like to be, in large part because my efforts are often thwarted by the downed database.  Yesterday’s message to the support center at my web host simply said “again,” tacked on to the end of the long ongoing ticketed issue.

But enough about that.  Life is going well.  I’m quite tired.  Our new receptionist started today.  Relief won’t come immediately, since she has to be trained, and the other girl who answers phones is taking all next week off, so I’ll be answering them, but soon things will be better.

I’m taking a short knitting class, which is interesting, though at times a bit boring.  It’s only three sessions long, and didn’t cost that much.  I’ve offered to teach one of my co-workers how to knit.  That should be interesting.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know that the class wasn’t canceled until Monday night, which meant dropping by the shop on Tuesday to buy supplies and furiously knitting Tuesday evening and when I could Wednesday before class.  It also meant that I’m now behind on homework, since Wednesday night is my usual homework night.  I have a paper to write this weekend, so it doesn’t sound like I’ll be doing much of anything fun.  That’s OK, though, because the weather is supposed to be cold.

Boring, I know.  Hopefully things will turn around on my server here and I can get back to regular posting and more exciting things, or at least something interesting now and then.