Taking the bad with the good

As much as I hate the bitter cold of winter, the biting wind that blows through to your bones regardless of how many layers of clothing you’re wearing, the short days with the late sunrises and early sunsets, the need to hibernate… in truth I can appreciate this time of year.  If winter wasn’t so miserable (in all the aforementioned ways, as well as others), I wouldn’t appreciate spring, summer, and autumn nearly as much.  When the mornings start to be bright again (when the sun rises before 8 am), when it’s still light out at the end of a workday, when I can go outside without gloves and a scarf, when I don’t have to wear long underwear to work… I truly appreciate these times.  How ever would I have realized that the feeling of pants on my skin (instead of long underwear) was something to be thankful for, if I didn’t have to wear long underwear for a week or more at a time?  It doesn’t matter that they’re all spiffy and from REI, they still get annoying after a week.  (Lest you think I should buy more than one pair, I don’t think it would matter, as I’d still buy ones that felt basically the same, and that wouldn’t fix that problem.)  Plus, can we talk about the design of long underwear?  Is there a manufacturer out there who produces long underwear pants where the waistband doesn’t reach my rib cage?  As if long underwear wasn’t already attractive enough, folding the waistband down half a dozen times so that it’s at my natural waist or hip line is even more attractive (and doesn’t help when my pants are already tight).

Tangent aside, while I am not particularly enjoying the weather right now (though it is much nicer than it was last week), I can appreciate it for its gratitude-producing aspects.

What do you despise yet are secretly (or openly) thankful for?

2 Replies to “Taking the bad with the good”

  1. I despise death and dying, yet I am grateful for it. We’ve all lost loved ones, so we all know the sadness, grief, and tears. However, I hope we all learn from it too. The lesson: Life is short, enjoy it while you can. There’s a lot to love, whether it’s the feel of pants against your leg or the smell of spring in the air… you just have to be open to it.

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