Well, it took two emails to my web host (the second of which was not as nice), but my site’s back up! Plus, my new site design is ready! I’m very pleased with how it turned out – I should be updating things over the next few days. I’ve been going through the archives (yes, again) fixing links and updating images (since nearly everything is on Flickr now) and so forth… I was stalled slightly by yesterday’s database errors, but now I’m back and needing an escape from some of the work I’ve been given….

Tonight is date night, and for those of you keeping track, it is also, give or take a day, the anniversary of when . (It depends if you’re going for calendar date or day of the week, because technically it was the 18th, but it was a Thursday night, so… you decide.) Not that we’re celebrating or anything, but I noticed it today and thought I’d share.

I successfully de-stashed some knitting books today. Sold two of them on Ravelry, which was exciting. Well, sold one of them, and traded the other for a discount on some yarn someone else was de-stashing. Still exciting. Two books that I was probably never going to use. I’ve got at least one or two more I could dump as well.