It is just not my week

Yesterday was the coldest day in quite some time (6* as I was leaving the house), and while I took the extra time to undress, add Long Johns, and redress, I accidentally left my hat and gloves at home. Oops. Thankfully, my new coat has lots of features which kept me warm, like a hood, and stretchy cuffs inside the sleeves to keep my wrists warm, and pockets, and sleeves that are long enough to cover my wrists with my hands in the pockets, and a really high zip-up neck. So I did alright. My feet were totally numb by the end of the day, but they mostly thawed while I dawdled in Michaels (waiting for them to thaw, really, because I just couldn’t handle the idea of going back out to my cold car and letting them get colder), and then I sat on the couch at home with my new heating pad under my feet. They warmed up nicely.

Today, instead of grabbing breakfast from the fridge, I didn’t look and grabbed a Coke Zero instead. While the liquid breakfast was not exactly going to be the most filling thing in the world (220 calories only goes so far), the Coke Zero will do nothing for me. Bummer. So I’ve eaten my granola bar, and supplemented it with a cookie (I brought the rest of the gingerbread cookies in to work today, and figured I should test one before setting them out for co-workers), and the rest of a bag of mustard pretzels from yesterday. Not exactly the morning I had planned. Oh well.  Did I mention it’s -4* today?  Yeah.

I didn’t make cookies last night, but I did make dinner, which turned out delicious. And we went to the gym. And I cleaned up all the piles of paper downstairs. And I got a load and a half of laundry done. Small victories.