Little joys

This week I splurged and bought a new purse. Bag, technically. I wasn’t officially looking for one (though it was in the back of my mind that I needed a new one), but I ran across this brand while perusing the internet and just had to have one. I did a Google search and couldn’t find a bad word about them. So even though it was way more money than I probably should have spent on a bag, I went ahead and ordered it online. Then I was plagued with feelings of doubt – things online always look so much better than they do in person and inevitably I end up disappointed.

Well, it arrived yesterday in the mail and it’s wonderful! It’s ginormous! I knew it was “big” from the picures and dimensions given (it needed to be big enough to fit a binder and books for school – it’s just a bonus that it’s set up for knitting), but it’s even bigger than I thought, which is actually a good thing (assuming I don’t fill all the empty space with rocks – I don’t think my back would like lugging around that much weight).

Here’s a picture from the website (maybe I’ll be dorky and take a picture of my own this weekend, but right now it’s still sitting at home empty):

New bag

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  1. Hey!

    Two quick things…one…I am coordinating a girls night out and would LOVE IT if you would attend. Email me if you might be interested.

    Two…I am craving those turtle treats. Dangitallanyways…those things are addicting!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    Hope you are well. I am WAY behind in blog reading.


  2. Kathy,

    Sounds like fun!

    Yes, I know those caramel nut thingies are so bad! I love them. And I go by Walgreens nearly every day at work and have to resist buying them! Sorry for introducing them to you….

  3. Kelly,

    You are to be blamed. This post made me think I needed to find a new bag. I’ve started carrying a book with me, and all of my bags are either way to small or way to big or don’t hold right (I want messenger style, not something I have to hold in my hand). This lead to many websites. Nothing was right. Or if it was right, it was $150. Blah.

    THEN, I went to Etsy, which YOU introduced me to. I found a bag I ADORED. Of course, it was reserved for someone else. Read profile of artist. She does custom work. Less than 48 hours later…I have a bag, custom made for me! Well, it will be in the mail this week… but it’s done! And it’s mine, and it’s special, and I blame you for the money I spent. So there you go.

  4. A,

    I think you should send me a link of what this bag looks like. I’m totally interested.

    I carried my new bag today. It’s huge! But everything fit inside, schoolwork included, no problem. It was only slightly heavy.

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