Some late in the week humor

Don’t ask how I find these things, just enjoy a good laugh or two.

From “Wondermark” :

  • On coffee [link removed]
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  • On honesty [link removed]

From “Questionable Content” (despite the profanity, one of my favorite comics of all time):

  • Getting dressed to meet parents [link removed]
  • Something I could picture doing with my friends [link removed] (have we done this? if not, maybe we should – next SNB?)

The boring stuff…

The “fun” project I have at work right now involves making up a photo staff directory of our staff here in admin. It was fine until I realized I’d forgotten someone, which totally messed up the alphabetical order I had going on. Oh, yeah, I’m using Publisher, so it looks pretty, but isn’t exactly the best program of all time or anything.

This means, of course, that I had to have my picture taken. I knew this while getting ready this morning, however, and dressed appropriately and did my makeup. (Yes, this is the case most days, but sometimes all the details don’t fall right into place, you know?)

Voila! Work Kelly

Looking at my picture reminded me that I have gained weight. If two years ago when I lost weight it was considered “a significant amount,” then I have, since getting married, gained a significant amount. That’s not really fair, since it’s only 10 pounds. However, I am unhappy about it. A pound can be attributed to my slightly larger chest and potentially larger butt, both of which are fine and I’ll keep those. Perhaps a few pounds can be attributed to the fact that I’ve been going to the gym and some of my previously weak extremities are now slightly more muscular. But a larger part can be attributed to … a change in my lifestyle. I eat slightly more now than I used to (comes from cooking for two and then splitting it, as compared to coming home from work tired and lazily making up ramen), snack a little bit more at work (though not much), and eat out more than I used to (I blame the car, which most of the time is a wonderful thing except when I’m feeling like my pants are a bit too tight). I probably drink more than I used to, though I drink less soda and more wine (does that even out? anyone know?). I eat a whole extra meal now (breakfast), because I wake up starving (why, I’m not sure, but I do). I snack at home less, however.

I told and this over the weekend and , who had gained a whole pound over the holidays, said it made her feel better about herself. At the time, I said I didn’t really care as long as my pants still fit. Well, they don’t fit exactly as I want them to. They’re just a little snugger than I’m comfortable with (especially since and I have worked so hard to find me clothes for my wardrobe that fit!). Plus, I wonder if the new haircut (the bangs specifically) make my face look rounder (I wondered this while looking at our photos from Florida when I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the way I looked). Technically the bangs are supposed to hide the fact that I have a really tall forehead and make my face look less oval-like, and that’s supposed to be a good thing. But I’m sitting here looking at wedding photos and the dimple I have on my right cheek is to blame, not the bangs. I don’t think there’s a cream for that. Bummer. I’m not really a fan of dieting, other than small changes (like when I switched the milk in my coffee to skim for six months before ‘s wedding, which won’t work this time because my favorite drink tastes awful with anything less than whole in it). I have the lung capacity of a smoker apparently, since I am unable to do more than 15 minutes on the treadmill. It’s winter, so it’s not like I’m going to suddenly develop the habit of walking to the grocery store. It looks like my options are 1) accept that there’s just [slightly, but annoyingly] more of me to love, or 2) develop a fondness for the treadmill (which means finding the time and energy to do so). Anyone have other options for me? [Editor’s note: as I sit here, I’d like to note that I’m starving and contemplating what to consume next. Additionally, the first person to suggest I give up coffee and hence my only middle of the workday escape is banned from commenting forever.]

Also, today I decided that my cube needed to be redecorated, so I pulled down the pictures I had up, printed up new ones (the ones of and I were all way more than a year old, and I had pictures of friends with their significant others before they became husbands, babies in the hospital who are now quite old, and I had no pictures of up at all, though in my defense my screensaver is only pictures of him), and totally rearranged how they were displayed. I like the end result though. (If you feel the need to obtain some of these pictures, many are in my “fav” tag in Flickr.)

Hello, everyone I love!

This, of course, led to cleaning and other organizing. Germs have been effectively eliminated, however temporarily, from my cube. Next I might make new labels for my binders or reorganize the books in my “library.” What this actually means is that I have some projects that are less than fun that I have been avoiding for quite some time.

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  1. Kelly,

    It is exciting to me that I can see myself on your wall of pictures.

    The girl who put the thing on her head is Amanda. I am the one with the sword. You are the other one. Alternatively, the girl who put the thing on her head is Amanda, you are the one with the sword, and I’m the one who uses google at the end because that’s something I would do. (I’d also break a pot off Amanda’s head if it came right down to it.)

    I don’t know how much fun stuff Amanda has to put on our heads. Maybe that should be a prerequisite.

    Have fun,

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