Let’s try that again

We’ll see if I can’t be more upbeat in this post.

I got my prescription filled at Walgreens with our new prescription drug plan (that has everyone so confused about and a little upset, because it seems like everyone’s costs are going up), and it was cheaper, instead of more expensive.  I thought my $15 co-pay for the pill (I looked it up in the formulary) was going to be $35, but they charged me $10.  It’s the exact same thing (I checked), so I guess I lucked out.  Or maybe I get the generic and I didn’t know it?  Whatever.  I don’t care.  All I know is that $10 is a lot better than $35.

The lady at the makeup counter (who always offers to check me out if I’m ready, since she almost never has a line – everyone is at the main checkout because they want cigarettes) told me about some new mascara – she’s always super helpful and is a lot of fun.  Makes you think it’s not Walgreens (but it is).

It finally got warmer in here at work, which is good.  I got coffee, but Tammy forgot to make it with whole milk, again (yesterday she made this mistake as well).  I know I said it loud enough, so I’m not sure what the deal is.  When it gets warm enough, I may have to start going to the other Starbucks, in order to ensure accuracy.  Bummer.

The sun is shining, and it’s warm enough that I walked back from Starbucks outside, instead of through the Skyway.  It’s easy to understand why early cultures worshiped the sun as god, since it’s so powerful, and easy to see its effects.  It’s still cold enough outside, but the sun was melting the ice off of the buildings (but only those in direct sunlight – no sun, the ice remains).  And the emotional response one can get from a little exposure to sunlight is amazing.  I miss the sun.  Glad to have it back today.

I should go get caught up on personal email, though I don’t really want to.  Perhaps I’ll be brief….

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