Picture-taking at work

While I am actually quite happy with how last night turned out (rescued by and battery in car replaced, successful shopping at bookstore and for winter coat, yummy dinner food), there’s one thing I really wish had happened: my visit to the chiropractor. Now, they were super nice when I called to cancel (15 minutes before my appointment), and rescheduled me for tomorrow, so all is good. But in the mean time, I am in pain. Today I am wearing heating pads (that expose-to-air-to-heat kind) and just… coping.

So, to keep my mind off that, how about some pictures?

Today’s lunch

Some plants in my cube:

Bamboo from Ikea
The pushpins in my cube holding up a memo

Much more interesting descriptors if you click on the pictures, which will take you to Flickr. I think you can even leave comments of your own on there, though you may have to have a Flickr account (I’m not sure).

Oh, and if you’re waiting for an email from me and think I’m ignoring you, you’re wrong.  My personal inbox has about 15 messages in it, all of them waiting for responses.  I’m a little behind in that area.  And busy at work (despite what my prolific blogging may make it seem like).  Tedious projects right now, too boring to describe.