Last night

Last night, and I had big plans. OK, not big plans, but plans. He was going to Subway for dinner and then out to a meeting for business. I was going to my new chiropractor for the first time, then to Chipotle for dinner, and then the bookstore where I’d hopefully find a book on cookie decorating techniques (that’s for another day). Instead, the bus dropped me off at the transit center, and then I sat in my car and called .

“The battery on my car is dead.”

Like the amazingly awesome man that he is, he turned his car around to rescue his damsel in distress. I hung out inside the Starbucks while I waited for him, sipping a steamed milk, because it was freezing outside. (I just checked and yesterday’s average temp was 5*. Today it’s 25*, but with windchill it feels like 7*. It’s supposed to be in the 30s this weekend, but I’m not holding my breath for warm weather.) He arrived, he jumped my car, we went home. His dad (I’m working on a name graphic for the in-laws when I get a spare moment) came over with the newish battery from his car that he’s taking to the junkyard and they installed it. So by 7:30, we were… severely derailed from our original plans, and hungry.

We drove down to Apple Valley where he got Subway and I got Chipotle, which we enjoyed inside the latter. Then we went to Half Price Books so he could find some more of the books from the fantasy series he’s currently devouring. I was unsuccessful finding what I was looking for, but that was alright. On our way through the parking lot, we noticed a Burlington Coat Factory, so we went inside to attempt to find a coat for me. Lo and behold, 3 minutes before closing, we did! Actually, after trying on at least a dozen coats, I’d decided I’d found the perfect one, but it was the wrong size. No other coats like it were to be found anywhere. So we wrote down the important details and I figured I’d try to find it somewhere else. On our way out of the store, I glanced over at a rack of coats that was set up on display and there it was! Crap, a size 1 (the other was a size 12). After a bit more looking, there was a size 8, and it fit perfectly! As announcements over the store intercom notified us that they were closing, I swiped my card and ran out of the store a happy girl with a new coat. It met all the requirements and is wonderful! It was particularly cold this morning, so I can’t say that it kept me all that warm, but once I was out of the wind, I warmed up much faster than in my old coat. That’s a good thing.

Then we stopped at Barnes & Noble, where I found not one but two cookie decorating books that were everything I was looking for: Creative Cookies and The Artful Cookie. got a Moleskine notebook, and I found a wine journal as well, so we were happy campers in the end. Not what we’d originally planned, but an all-over successful night anyways.