His achin’ back

Apparently I haven’t yet bragged about all the hard work did last Friday while I was at work. He had the day off, and decided to do some serious work on the spare bedroom where much of my stuff had gone to rest. With the Christmas decorating season, further chaos had ensued in the room.


and entirely unorganized

Basically, it was a disaster area. Thursday we took down all the Christmas decorations and got them ready to take to ‘s house for storage. Friday took the time to pull everything out of the room, measure, go to Ikea, buy shelving, put it all together, and get it in the room. He also put all his computer stuff away, but waited for me to get everything else on the shelves, since he thought I’d want to partake in the organizing (which was true).


with space to move about in!

I’m not sure you can tell from these photos, but it’s amazing what a transformation the room has undergone! If you click on the pictures, they’ll take you to larger versions on Flickr where I’ve left some additional comments, in case you’re really that bored today.

Perhaps not the most exciting post ever, but I thought I’d do my wifely duty and brag about my handy husband who did a lot of work over the weekend (and has a sore back to prove it, “your mom jokes” not necessary).