Was I supposed to do a 2007 year-in-review? Several people have, and I thought maybe I’d missed a reminder that I should do one. [I also realized today that yesterday would have been a good day to start something new, like the 365 project (where you take a picture of yourself every day) or something. Oh well. Missed out on that one. We’ll try 2009 instead.]

Well, here’s my recap of 2007:

  • January: started classes (3, all history), got engaged, got glasses.
  • February – May: homework, wedding planning. Straight A’s.
  • June – August: wedding planning, moving. No camping. No trips. No time.
  • August: moving out, made attempts to minimize emotional trauma to (mostly failed, but she recovered), started classes (2, geography and an econ substitute).
  • September: got married, went on honeymoon, returned to normal life (nearly forgot what that was like).
  • October – December: homework, unpacking, attempting to get settled into new house, adjusting to another cat in the house as well (who still needs a name graphic).
  • December: Straight A’s, ‘s first birthday, trip home to Chicago for Christmas.

New things I did in 2007:

  • Started driving again.
  • Got engaged.
  • Planned a wedding.
  • Got married.
  • Had sex (perhaps TMI, but most of you had that one figured out, right?).
  • Went to a funeral of a loved one and cried.
  • Commuting from the suburbs.

Things I did not do in 2007:

  • Ride my bike (well, maybe once or twice, but I don’t remember doing so at all, so maybe I didn’t).
  • Get pregnant.
  • Decide on who I would vote for in the Presidential election.
  • Become an official student (still waiting on transcripts…).
  • Be bridezilla.
  • Get drunk and dance topless on a bar counter.
  • Change jobs or get a new boss.
  • Give up coffee.

There you have it. Fairly painless? Wanna play along? Leave your comments!