Finally, the picture update you’ve all been waiting for (or perhaps you haven’t, but I’ve felt negligent in not having this posted sooner)!

The tree at our house (note that we don’t have a tree topper currently, so my Santa hat filled in).
My newest “winter” decorations, from Macys. They’re staying up, even though the tree and most everything else is packed away at Mom’s.
I took some pictures of ornaments this year, for fun. Here’s one my aunt gave me many years ago. I’m not a huge Santa fan, but doesn’t he just look like he’s having fun in this one?
A small view of the plethora of gifts under our tree this year (all for others).
Prince Charming’s dad, posing in the hat I made him (again, this year, as requested):

If you remember, we went down to Illinois to spend Christmas with ‘s side of the family. Here are some highlights….

Grandma, looking sassy as usual.
Me, with Dad and Candy, sitting on the couch that is very difficult to get out of, probably because it’s easily 35 years old, if not more.
My uncle (husband of my recently departed aunt), in the one shot Prince Charming took where he paused long enough to not be blurry.
Grandma opening up the shawl I made for her.
Many exclamations of “oh, neat, that’s just real neat!” (“neat” is her favorite descriptor of things).

As you can see, at 88 and 94 respectively, Grandma and Grandpa definitely had all the loot. What’s funny is they were both super excited to open all their gifts. (Of course, it’s much easier to be excited about a gift basket than it is an envelope, which is all I got that night.)

Here’s Grandpa opening the present from Prince Charming and me.
He spent a good five minutes re-folding that plastic wrapping.
At the end of the night, we coerced Grandma into having her picture taken in the shawl. I’d like to note that my hair looks fabulous in this picture.
Grandma in her new shawl, quite unamused at having her picture taken. I can almost hear her saying something snarky.
In the spare bedroom, where we threw our coats, Prince Charming saw this radio and was enthralled. He took several pictures attempting to capture its “specialness” :

You can see all my holiday photos by clicking on the picture below [link removed].

Christmas 2007 Collection