Like manna from heaven

How many more gifts like this do you think we’ll get this season? Just a thought…

I’d show you a picture of my Christmas gift from , but I haven’t been carrying my camera with me, so you’ll have to live with a description. is a great boss for many reasons, one of which is that she is always appreciative of the work we do. One of the ways she shows this appreciation is with huge gift baskets at Christmas. This year, though her last working for the state, is no exception. It appears that in my basket is:

  • disposable camera
  • small photo frame (looks like a CD but says something about a frame)
  • No less than three photo albums
  • caramel chocolates
  • miscellaneous chocolates and candy canes

I actually haven’t unwrapped it – it should be easier to get home that way – so there could be more lurking inside. It’s quite nice, especially since we have tons of wedding pictures to put in albums, as well as I’ve got a huge back log of pictures to put in albums that aren’t wedding-related. I promised DAD that I’d bring wedding pictures home, so this should make that easier.

Tonight we’re exchanging gifts with ‘s dad. There’s talk of going to see National Treasure 2 also. I’m too lazy to link that up for you. If only I could get that plugin to work for the movie/book/music tags. Oh well. Tomorrow, aside from cleaning and packing (and putting pictures in photo albums), hopefully we will also take a trip to the local recycling place and drop off tons of cardboard boxes. We’re working, slowly but surely, on getting the garage usable. I’ve temporarily given up on the spare bedroom. Taking all our Christmas stuff to ‘s should help though. Then there should be room to walk in and move about freely. Or somewhat freely.

Sunday we’re leaving for Chicago. It will be a short trip, because… there’s not much to do there, really. But good, nonetheless. I will try to not get overly emotional about missing my Aunt Shirley (I’d been really good for the last couple of weeks, not really thinking about it at all, and then in the last week it’s been much more in the front of my mind, perhaps because there are Christmas ornaments everywhere that remind me of her). And if I do, that isn’t actually a bad thing anyways.

I think we’re getting together with and and and next Saturday, which should be fun. We got some of the cutest clothes ever for , which I’m very excited about. The rest of the gifts, eh, whatever. and were still emailing me about gift ideas for myself and as late as Wednesday. No joke. I’ve given them about a bazillion gift ideas – and they were all good ideas. I’m not sure what their problem is this year.

emailed me and asked if grades were in, which means I forgot to mention them here. They’re not officially out yet, but my academic record states that I got A’s in both classes. Yay me! I registered for one course this Spring – Introduction to Social Science. It’s a required class, and it meets on Monday afternoons, so that should be nice. No night classes, less homework. It’s a 100 level course, so it should be no problem. Hopefully they’ll offer enough classes this summer that I can make up for the paltry courseload this spring. We’ll see.

I’ve found several new blogs and sources of entertainment this week, but I’m going to give them a little bit before sharing them, lest they turn out to be not nearly as cool as I thought they were.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. I’m not sure how much posting I’ll get done in the next week, so that’s my holiday wish for you – have a good one! I’ll try to bring back lots of photos and stories of lutefisk.